Suggestions/strategies for viewing HEA?

Other than getting there super early and camping out (or buying the dessert party), any suggestions for getting a decent (albeit not prime) viewing spot for HEA?

I can tell you that dining at The Plaza Restaurant during the fireworks…does NOT give you a view.

We are here right now.

Burgers and shakes are yummy though!


Ha! So kind of you to write during your evening there. Hope you find a good spot!

We we’re eating dinner during HEA. We did catch Once Upon a Time though…that was really good. :slight_smile:
We are doing a fireworks cruise on Friday night and may or may not watch them on Saturday night… haven’t decided yet.

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We found a spot on the curb of the “big hub” in front of the castle about an hour out. The curb made it comfortable to sit while waiting and then we could see a little better over the heads of people standing on the street.