Suggestions on where to eat

We would like to make reservations for dinner for two different evenings. Where should we eat?

I haven’t been yet. I’m planning for a first trip in Sept. 2020. Everyone tells me Blue Bayou. I’m so used to WDW and all the Table Service options. DLR seems to be mostly QS and carts/ They all look great though.

The restaurants inside the hotels look great too.

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This is my one MUST do at DL. I love the atmosphere and the food is good.

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Blue Bayou is the only one with theming that is spectacular and while our food was fantastic and our service was decent, for the price we have a hard time justifying going back after our 1 try of it so far.

All things considered (food, service, prices, ambiance), we much prefer the value we get at either Carnation Cafe or Cafe Orleans. We’ve never had an off experience at either & while the theming isn’t nearly the same level as Blue Bayou, the ambiance in both is quite pleasant- at Carnation make sure NOT to be at the tables back by the restroom, as the ambiance is absent there, but anywhere inside or outside on the patio closer to a railing where you can take in Main St. is going to be much better and at Cafe Orleans, request for the patio outside as your views will be of the Rivers of America.

In DCA we don’t love any of the table service offerings more than the plentiful options of great QS/CS options (Cozy Cones, Corn Dog Castle, Pacific Wharf Cafe, Paradise Garden Grill, Award Wieners, Turkey Legs to name a few). But we have yet to try Lamplight Lounge & that seems to have great ambiance and good food options, so look into that one. Carthay Circle is a beautiful ambiance with great food but service can be hit or miss there so it’s not as popular as it could be.

The restaurants in Downtown Disney and the hotels are also worth exploring for dinner: Napa Rose at the Grand Californian is a fine dining experience with superb food so if you’re looking for something in that vein, is an excellent choice. Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland is also great, more relaxed than Napa Rose but still a nicer experience. And if you were looking for more relaxed, any of the Downtown Disney restaurants offer great options, our favorite being Tortilla Jo’s (tableside guac is the stuff of our dreams! SO good!) but there’s plenty other options if Mexican isn’t what you’re in the mood for.


Bummer, I can’t get a reservation for either of the days we will be there.

Are you staying on-site by chance? If you are, call up the dining line & mention to them that you are because they hold back a select number of reservations just for on-site guests.

And if you aren’t on-site, check back closer to the date as the day before many change/cancel their plans AND whatever was held back for the on-site guests that didn’t get booked is released to anyone to book.

Also, I think I read someone on chat was experiencing that only lunchtimes looked to be available for their (closer to 60 days out) dates, and in that case calling could also confirm if dinner schedules have been added to the system yet or if it’s just a glitch with online booking, calling will open up the dinner availability to you as well.


I noticed it only gave me a lunch option as well. I will call tonight and inquire. Thank you for the help!

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Blue Bayou at DL and Carthay Circle at CAA have the best ambiance, food, and service… Be care with seating at Carthay because it sucks if you get placed in the overflow room which has zero atmosphere. The CAA Tuscan Villa is also nice especially for its outdoor dining. At DL, we usually hit the buffet lines (not-all-you can-eat) at Plaza Inn, Alien Pizza Planet, or French Market.


Plaza is my only “must do” every time!


Don’t forget all the Downtown Disney options as well! Naples has fantastic pizza. Black Tap and Ballast Point get great reviews. If you want a quick bite with a short wait, the Splitsville bowling alley has a large capacity.

Napa Rose at the Grand Californian is probably the “fanciest” restaurant on property and has excellent ratings. Also look into Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel.

At Disneyland, I concur that Blue Bayou is a must for the ambiance, at least once. River Belle Terrace and Carnation Cafe are also good.

At CA, Lamplight Lounge and Carthay Circle are the only restaurants you’d likely need a reservation for. I have friends who love both, though I’ve never been. Personally, I tend to do only QS at CA.


Our favorite is at DCA/GCH is White Water Snacks. DH thinks they are the best burgers at DLR and I love the nachos. The new pool side bar looked amazing too.


Plaza is SO good and an almost every time because our every.time must do is Corn Dogs & that’s a lot of heavy food in 2-3 days!


Steakhouse 55 for breakfast, Blue Bayou for dinner, Carthay Circle for lunch, Carnation Cafe for a late breakfast and/or dinner.


Why is it a must for you?

In the same vein —

What are the best food carts / snacks? It looks like after I eat at BB and have a Monte Cristo at Cafe Orleans there’s not much else I want to TS in the parks.

I might go over to CGH for a nice burger or something, but I foresee a lot more of my meals being Hot Dogs & Churros! (Which I’m happy about! When I’m on vacation all “good choices” / “sometimes Foods” are on hold!)

I have my eye on those Gyro Fries at Paradise Pier!

First off, they have amazing fried chicken. They are famous for it. Secondly, it is great food and a lot of it. 2 of us can split the meal and add an extra piece (or two) if we are really hungry. Third, if you time it right, you can watch the parade from the patio. Finally, nostalgia. I went to eat there on my honeymoon and love going back each time I go.

A few tips, lunch is a lot less crowded. We tried to eat there for dinner last November and the line went all the way into tomorrow land. I love it, but not that much! We went back the next day for lunch and there was hardly any wait. Also it is cafeteria style, not table service.

This was our view from Plaza watching the parade this past July.


The cozy cone Mac n cheese, bengal bbq, beignets in New Orleans square are just a few off the top of my head.

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Living in the south (TN), I’m a fried chicken connoisseur - so that’s a bold statement! I’ll definitely take up that challenge!


Thank you for the response, will put that on my must do for our next trip!

Not having ever been to the south, I am not sure if it will measure up, but I look forward to your assessment.