Suggestions on Plan?

We are planning our next trip for May 31-June 8th. We have 7 day park hoppers, staying at AS Movies with dining plan. It will be 4 adults (1 possibly in an ECV) and two kids - 10 and 4. Below is my initial plan:

Arrival Day (May 31): No plans, hang out at the resort, perhaps resort hop, Disney Springs, etc.

Day 1: Magic Kingdom
Part of Fantasyland, Liberty Square, Adventureland, and Frontierland.
Dinner at 1900 Park Fare (our first time here)

Day 2: HS
Dinner at 50s (first time here)

Day 3: Epcot
Future World (FPP Soarin’, hopefully do Test Track either at or shortly after rope drop or single rider)
Take boat across lagoon to Japan for shopping and dinner at Teppan Edo.

Day 4: Morning: Epcot
Breakfast at Akershus, Frozen, meet Anna and Elsa
Afternoon: AK
Dinoland, perhaps Kali and Safari if time
Dinner: Whispering Canyon

Day 5: AK
Breakfast: Tusker House
Dinner: Pizzafari

Day 6: MK
Breakfast BOG
Meet and Greets and Rest of Fantasyland
Dinner @ Ohanas

Day 7: Breakfast at Trattoria (first time here)
Magic Kingdom

Other notes:
-Rope drop or PPO breakfast every morning except Day 7.
-Not interested in Fantasmic or Illuminations
-Possibly not doing Happily Ever After - still being decided. Daughter is scared of fireworks right now.
-Attempting to get in late afternoon at least some days for rest time before dinner.
-Days aren’t set in stone - still 51 days until ADR date.
-Last trip was one year ago minus my parents. Not their first trip, either.

Suggestions? What would you do to change this up? Should we combine days 6 and 7 and instead spend day 7 to hit some highlights again? Or leave as is to allow for additional meet and greets or just browsing around? Open to other suggestions as well!

I think your overall plans look great! You may want to put a rest day or rest half day in there around day 3.
One thing I wondered is traveling to breakfast at Trattoria for Bon Voyage breakfast and then going to MK. Make sure to plan this out if you are not driving yourself.
I would highly recommend HEA. Maybe consider dessert party and have DD wear noise canceling headphones. I’ve heard they work great for kids.
Another ADR that I would recommend is GG PPO at Epcot. We really loved it for great food, fun characters, and riding Soarin before park opening.
Day 4 is a lot of traveling if you aren’t driving. I believe Pizzafari doesn’t get great reviews. AK has such great QS. Maybe stay in park and eat QS dinner on day 4 and then eat dinner at WCC on day 5? That way if you end up finishing at AK earlier on day 5 you will have a little more time to explore WL. You could also move TH to day 4 and book ROL dinner package since you are on dining plan.
Another thought is eating Ohana dinner and watching HEA from the beach at Poly. I would still try to watch from inside MK one night though.
Sounds like an amazing trip! Have a wonderful time!

It looks like you are buying park hopper tickets, but only hopping once. In my opinion, hopper needs to be used more days than not for it to be a value.

If you can downgrade to base tickets and eliminate that one hop, you’ll have a few meals covered. If not, maybe hop into Epcot for dinner a couple times and knock out big rides. You could cut some daytime at Epcot this way.

I think, from my previous research and experience, that you either need a park break day OR an afternoon rest break every day. We did the afternoon rest, consistently every day (except HS) and we did fine to not have a rest day. Kids were 1, 3, 7, 9 at the time. Grandparents discovered they could have used a rest day as well, so your parents may need to do their own break but you all should be fine with the afternoon breaks. If you’re afraid you might blow through them, though, plan a rest day!

I also like to hop more if buying hoppers, but once you look at the schedule hours you might want to anyway. Hitting EMH in am and avoiding parks in evening with higher crowd levels does that automatically for us.

Happy planning!