Suggestions for single parent riding coasters with multiple kids

My friend is planning a trip. He’s a single dad with DS8, DD5 & DD3. DS wants to ride coasters but one/both DD’s are too short. Dad read that he could leave DD’s with a CM at ride entrance as he rides with DS. I had never heard this and thought it sounded like a huge liability for the CM. Can anyone confirm/deny this? Or offer other suggestions? (I told him DS could ride solo but he wasn’t thrilled with that idea)

I’ve never heard of the CMs agreeing to watch children before. Sounds like he got some bad info. Unfortunately if he’s the only adult I think his only choice is letting his DS8 ride solo.

This obviously costs $$, but he could put the littles in a kids club one or two nights and ride the coasters with the older child!

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My parents left me with a CM outside of HISTK when I was 10 and refused to do it. I freaked out at the entrance so a CM took me to wait outside while DM&F went in and did the show. They then came back around to the entrance to pick me up when they’d finished.

Although this was 13 years ago so rules may have changed!
Wasn’t there something about @MDU’s daughter being ‘watched’ by a CM while her & DH were on EE not so long ago?

There are parent helpers that can be hired but I would say no way would a Entrance CM be willing or able to watch one child much less two tots. Besides exits being in a different locations, the entrance CMs need to attend to multiple guests, monitor height, FFP, red cards, etc.

I look for a family getting in line at the same time. Parents with kids, not teens or childless adults. I explain that I’m a solo mom, and one or two of my boys are too small to ride. I ask if they’d be willing to take my oldest along with them into the line. That way he has a bit of supervision (if only a bit), and I meet them at the ride exit.

I too have heard of CM’s doing that but cannot personally confirm it.
Ive never personally known anyone to do this, but maybe he can hire a babysitter in the area on or something, or through one of the certified babysitters like kids nite out and such. Ive heard that some of those companies will take the children to the parks. THis person can either watch the two youngers or go into the park with him and his family.

Im sorry if this is a crazy idea but some of the babysitting companies in the area do offer that service. I think another is called something similar too Fairy God mothers

At 8, I don not believe the oldest is allowed to ride alone, to the best of my knowledge the age is 12 or 13 unless you are riding with someone over 15 or so.

I would strongly suggest he get some help for the trip. Even on tame rides, the younger two can’t ride alone. He would be limited to rides where he could ride with both daughters and the son would ride alone. They would not have the option of riding anything where only two people could ride at a time. I’ve gone with my two littles and a helper, and they ask the helper’s age and my little kids’ ages every ride.