Suggestions for Signature Dining

We have a DVC split stay coming up with hubby and me staying 2 nights before son arrives late on 3rd night after we move resorts. I am planning on getting the DxDP and using our 12 TS credits for 3 signature dinners for hubby and me. (I’m not asking for opinions about the cost-effectiveness of the dining plan!) I have ADRs at Cali Grill and at Topolino’s (staying at Riviera). I’d like to try Tiffins but I don’t love the thought of having to go into AK to eat dinner–we like to get a little dressed up and probably wouldn’t be riding rides that night. Should I just suck it up and try Tiffins? We already plan to eat at Jiko later in the week with my son after the DxDP credits are expired. We love Flying Fish but have eaten there several times in the past. Narcoossee’s is on our list to try but I’ve read hit-or-miss reviews lately and if I got bad lobster, I’d be sooooo disappointed. LOL

Have you considered Disney Springs? I had a great meal at the Boathouse on the deluxe plan, Morimoto’s for dinner is also amazing (but I honestly love lunch for the same menu and the fact that you save one credit).

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We really enjoyed Tiffins. But people around us weren’t exactly dressed up. People were dressed for being in the park and it was still warm out. The food and atmosphere at Tiffins were great.

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@Kitty_Ellas_Mom Thanks. I’d probably get a later evening ADR at Tiffins, so maybe it would feel a little bit more “adult”. Maybe I could make a FPP for FoP and make it more worthwhile to go over there!

@PrincipalTinker What did you have that you enjoyed at Boathouse? We’ve been to the outside bar a couple of times but never eaten inside. Maybe I could go for the crab-stuffed lobster at Boathouse instead of lobster at Narcoossee’s. My husband does love shellfish.

I am from New England but we did steamers and the crab stuffed lobster. I will day the shell was very, very hard but it was good.

Tiffins is the signature restaurant I have been to the most over the last few years. Jiko might still be my favorite but Tiffins is really close. I love them both.

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