Suggestions for seat requests on rides?

I’ve read on here to request B1 on Soarin’. Are there similar suggestions for other rides? Do you find CM willing to take requests if you ask nicely and offer to wait, if needed. Does the crowd size impact their willingness to help?

I have found that CMs usually try to do their best to honor polite requests, especially if you are willing to wait for what you want and are not otherwise holding up the line. As with most things at WDW (and in life), please, thank you, and a smile go a long way!

Here are a couple of tips off the top of my head:

  • Request an odd-numbered row on the Pirate & Pals Fireworks Voyage for the best views of the fireworks.
  • Not really a request, but be the first on the Doom Buggies in HM by standing under the portrait of the lady with the parasol in the stretch room.

Thanks! Great info.

Request the front seat(s) for Expedition Everest. You’ll get a great view of the park when the ride makes the stop at the torn up tracks.

Request the rear seats for Splash Mountain is you want to stay dry.

Somewhere I saw an “insider” blog post where SM CMs revealed that it really does not matter where you sit - you can get soaked anywhere, and no location is necessarily wetter or dryer than any other.

All I can say is that I have had good luck with sitting in the back.

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I agree. You get a face full of water in the front.

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I like the front seat on Everest suggestion!

If you wish to avoid a mild concussion, I’d suggest sitting as near the front as possible on EE.

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Seriously? Definitely don’t want to hit our heads!

I am sitting here laughing because I enjoy sitting towards the back on EE. Also, one of my favorite memories on Splash was the time I was sitting in the back. The guy in front of me thought it was so funny - I was going to be soaked. Yup, dry as a bone- him on the other hand, dripping wet. The water came up from another boat and basically dunked him under water.

It isn’t hitting your head, but the amt of insane shaking that goes on, which causes one’s brain to knock against one’s skull. Remember that at the front, you don’t start going at high-speed until the last car in the back is over the hill. The back car also whips one around quite a bit.

I was “slow” for about 30-40 minutes after the ride. The symptoms started about 5 minutes after I got off. I remember it well. It’s an odd experience having to parse every. single. word. that people say to you then put. the. sentence. and. meaning. together then respond slowly. My family knew something wasn’t quite right. Sat down & relaxed for a bit. We figured it out that it was a mild concussion. Was fine, no pain, no nausea, no other symptoms, but had to concentrate really hard to grasp what one ordinary grasps innately. I’ve never experienced it on any other ride, just that one. Might be anecdotal, but I rode it that same day earlier in the front with no effect whatsoever. That time I was in the back.

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Thank you, I didn’t know that

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