Suggestions for MK TP

Hi! I am pretty new at this, and planning our first trip to WDW. (Well, first family trip. I have been there once…in 1979!) :wink:

Anyway, I have a TP for MK with FP+ included. Just curious what you think, or if you have suggestions. Here is some additional info:
-traveling week before Easter (CL 10 day. Yikes!)
-Hubby & I traveling with two DDs (9 & 6) who are used to being on the go (whirlwinds!)
-short trip planned…3 nights/4 days, one full day in MK, one full in AK. No hoppers
-girls love princess. Used Princess fan TP and took out/added a couple things
-set walking to very relaxed and minimized walking all over, too
-I still think it seems we are walking a lot, but maybe that’s normal
-OK with using TP as guide (meaning, if we miss/late to something b/c if girls needing breaks, or potty. With exception of A&E, of course! :wink:
-planning on EMH am hours; have also heard not uncommon for them to be 7-8 with 10 days)

Here is my TP:

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

There is a 2.5 hr gap between step 10 & 11 tho. Even with re-optimizing and evaluating. Why is that? Does it want me to stick in another break, lol? Or just use that time for whatever? Or are the FP+ res. messing with it?

When you have a gap that means ghat you do not have enough activities to fill the day. Either shorten the time you are at the park, or add more attractions.

And yes, a liot of walking is normal at WDW. :wink:

Thx, @brklinck. Any suggestions on what to add for two DDs? Or for the husband and I if we did rider switch? I honestly cannot recall what I took out. :wink:

You could add Haunted Mansion (not really scary), Monster Inc Laugh Floor and Buzz Lightyear. My kids at that age all loved those rides. Also if they like roller coasters, (seeing Big Thunder) maybe Space Mountain, or if they want a smaller coaster the Barnstormer. And maybe “it’s a small world” as long as you don’t mind that song in your head the rest of the day :smile:

hi there,
I have a few suggestions as long as you’re looking for them :smile:
-I would move BTMRR up. I would go there after the jungle cruise. by doing this closer to 9:30am you should really cut down on the 42 min wait it is projecting at 1pm where it originally is in your plan. go straight to CRT breakfast afterwards. ( you will have to move pete’s silly slideshow somewhere else) you will end up backtracking over to frontierland to use your splash fpp, but that’s okay. don’t forget you can take the train near splash mtn to get back over to main street to see tinkerbell. if you’re running ahead of schedule, maybe even take 2 laps on the train - it’s great place to rest!
-it also is only giving you 3 min to get lined up for the 2nd parade. even though it’s the 10:30 parade, you may need to get there earlier than that depending on where you are watching it.

  • you may also want to plan a spot for dinner.
    -not sure if any of that helps. but have a super fun trip!!
    (one other thing you could cut out is cindy and Rapunzel b/c they will meet cindy at CRT) you could use that time to maybe meet ariel and ride UTS. you could watch wishes from the storybook circus area and ride dumbo and do the silly slideshow then. just more ideas! sorry if this is long but I love messing with touring plans (usually just my own though!)

@mjsmomma Thank you!! I will give your suggestions a try. I may still have to keep Cindy and Rapunzel…The girls LOVE Rapunzel, too, lol!!! I have definite princess freaks on my hands. =)

Since I am moving steps around, I just need to “evaluate” and not “optimize” again, right?

@mjsmomma I tried moving a few things around, and evaluated. Is this any better if we do take the train a couple times (to get from point A, to point B?) Is Big Thunder Mtn RR OK where it is? Just wondering if there is enough time to walk from there to CRT. I have no idea about travel times between attractions, as it has been 35+ years since I have been there. :wink:

TIP: If you have a plan you really like, but want to know if you can do “better”:

COPY the plan to another plan first.
Then go to the copy (probably have to re-enter the FPPs & reset the start-end time),
and play with the copy, using optimize, then evaluate. That way you still have the
first TP to go back to.

Also, the reason you may have a large “break” in the middle of a day is that the TP software
is trying to maximize “free” time & minimize “wait” time. Most often, lines are shortest at
the very beginning & end of a day, w/the middle of the day having lots of long lines.

I generally do this:

  1. Add in all the “long lines” popular attractions first.
  2. Optimize to get a good “starting point” for potential FPPs & space to fill in other things.
  3. Fill-in w/FPPs & other less popular rides, then evaluate first, copy it to another TP, then optimize the copy.
  4. Repeat step 3 until I’ve filled in my day nicely with mostly small waits for everything.

It also helps to go to this site:

And check out wait time patterns for various attractions, so that you have a good “idea” of what might work well when you move stuff around & “evaluate”.

It’s worth the time & effort because you really can save hours & hours of standing in line.
My family loves bragging to others how we never wait for stuff at WDW because “Daddy knows all the tricks”. :wink:

Go well, best to you.

can you publish a link to the new plan?

hey @DarcySteele, did you see that April park hours changed? looks like EMH have the park opening at 7am. If you can get your family there that early it may be best to do early touring and take a mid day break given the level 10 crowds that are predicted. you could get so much done in that first hour! just a thought!

Thx, @ejj! And @mjsmomma, I did see that! And I apologize for not posting new link. Thought I did, but I believe it may have been in response to another post.

Love the suggestions…Will keep working on it and will post back. :smile: