Suggestions for mid-day break on check out day

I’m considering adding one more morning at WDW on check-out day, before we transfer to UOR. We’ll have to pack up and leave our bags at the front desk (GF) before heading to the park. Plan is to sleep in a little, go to AK to use 3 FPP from about 10-12, and then transfer to UOR, but check in there is not until 4 pm. Any suggestions or hacks for a midday break (nap for the kiddos)–either before or after leaving Disney property-- with this transfer gap?

There’s not a lot of options for a quiet place like that at AK, but I have a couple of possibilities, depending on everyone’s tolerance for floors and parks…

In EPCOT, there is a hallway in Innoventions West, between the Character Spot and Club Cool, that leads from the Fountain of Nations towards Imagination! It has access to some restrooms, but is also one of the quietest locations in a park. Not much for benches there, but there is AC and things to do if two adults are taking turns chaperoning the kiddles while they’re resting.

At the Contemporary, Between the ground level (check-in) and the open mezzanine (Chef Mickey’s), there is a ballroom/conference level that should also be mostly quiet, and probably has some benches or chairs in which for the kidlets to rest. Downside is that there are far fewer options for adults if you’re trading off.

Obviously, if it’s just you (for adults), then the ease of entertainment is kinda moot, but I wanted to point out some options.

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Are you taking your own car? Do you have a stroller?

Yes, I will have a double stroller. Kids are 5 and 7; mostly its the 5-year old who will need a serious break or nap. Yes, I know they are old for a stroller but it’s a necessity for DH and I to be able to enjoy our day at the World Showcase!

And we were planning on getting a car service to transfer resorts.

Thank you! Contemporary sounds like a good option.

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Will the kids sleep in the stroller? If it’s not miserably hot, maybe do a walk around the boardwalk area?