Suggestions for Granddaughters Day

In our upcoming May trip, we get to have a day just with the grand daughters while the parents are out and about on their own. We are little concerned about the age spread - 15, 13, 9 & 4. Would love some suggestions of special things to do that might work for the whole group.

We are staying at Bay Lake Tower and in the past with just the two oldest (when they were younger) we rented a pontoon boat and puttered around. Not willing to try that with all four. The youngest are of a different temperament and would likely be bored. It is also first visit for the two youngest.

Appreciate any suggestions!

Could you rent a cabana at the CR pool? Maybe do Chef Mickey for a meal too. Mini golf or shopping at Disney Springs?

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character breakfast and swim day, QS lunch with afternoon/ evening mini golf and fun TS kid centric dinner.

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Are you DVC members? you could go to the community hall for activities.

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Not DC members but we do love the Bay Lake Tower!

We have a Chef Mickey reservation for later in the week but love the mini golf idea!

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Thanks for the suggestions!

The girls have decided Fantasia mini golf, scavenger hunts at the Flower & Garden show, and splashing in the water fountains outside near Figment. There used to be a “passport” thing you could do at World Showcase so we will check and see if that’s on still. With sides of popcorn and Mickey ice cream bars. :balloon:

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The passport is not still on (I was looking for it last week) but like you said, they have the Spike scavenger hunt. They do still have the Kidcot stations and you could collect all the postcards (although they’re not currently staffed by people from the countries). You could also order a batch of pins from eBay and do pin trading around the world, most of the countries have stations.