Suggestions for dinner on early AK night?

We are now thinking we probably won't park hop. For our AK day, we planned to leave by early afternoon (5pm close, anyway). We're staying at WL, and thought DS5 would enjoy seeing CR, riding the monorail, maybe checking out Poly. This will be early Jan, so swimming at our resort is questionable. What would you plan for dinner, if anything? 2A, 1 5yo. Basically, one of the monorail resorts, WL, or FtW are all options. Just something fun, and not too long a meal.

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Ohana. You sit down and start eating immediately. They also have games for kids. You can be in and out in under an hour easily.

Do you want a table service? I would go to the contemporary and let your child play games in the arcade and eat at Chef Mickey's or in the QS Contempo cafe and then ride the monorail around.

If you're staying at WL, what about Whispering Canyon Cafe?

Or for something fun, maybe head over to Ft. Wilderness for Hoop Dee Doo review or the bar-b-q or sing-along and movie?

What about Boma? You get to check out AKL, eat some interesting food, then can take the bus to MK and the boat to WL.

I would also be inclined to say Boma. You're very close to AKL, and especially if you've never seen it, its a must-do. There are also public viewing areas so you could watch the animals before dinner. Boma is also a LARGE buffet, so a good chance of finding something everyone likes.

I second o'hana and hoop dee do!! Can't go wrong with either! We did HDDR after our ak day.