Suggestions for a a group meet up

I recently found out that 2 of my 3yos class mates will be at Disney the same time as us, so we thought it would be fun to do a little get together for them while we’re there.

Does anyone have any ideas for a group of 3-4yos and their siblings/parents that would be an easy and fun meet up?

Maybe the Boneyard or Affection Section at AK?


If HDR or SoA are back, that would be fun. Or a character meal. Pony rides at the stables if they are back. Meet up at the petting zoo in AK. If the weather is nice, a pool break.
Lol, just reread. Ok, not friends with 3/4 yr olds. Sorry

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I like the petting zoo in AK idea!


I thought of this too. All resorts have a playground area too. Poly has a lovely grassy area near the Dole Whip window.

As DH were sitting near this spot I thought, “What a fun place to hang out w/ kids”. There was a lot of places to sit around the C. Jr. station too


The Seas pavilion at Epcot? The aquarium and then Turtle Talk. And then if the families get along, continue around world showcase together hitting up kidcot.

Something without a line or a reservation, in case not everyone tours the same or has a rough time getting there, or kids don’t like the same types of rides.


doing the scavenger hunt together…


Is there still a splash zone at Disney Springs?

If it’s warm weather, kids love the water.

Find out which resorts y’all are at.

On a cousins trip we were at different resorts. One cousin’s kid - age 7 - came to our resort to swim. They had a lot of fun in the quiet pool.

If one family’s resort has a fun play area, or splash zone maybe that would work. Especially if your resorts are close to each other. :crossed_fingers:

Ice Cream on the Boardwalk

Splash Pad in the kids’ section near Barnstormer.

Feel them out for meals - maybe a Chef Mickey’s or an easier QS?

I’d be leaning towards something like, “We’ll be at [insert places of interest here] on this day. If you’d care to meet up, here are some places at that place. If you already have plans for where you will be, please just let us know, and we can try to meet up for an ice cream, or meal or let the kids hang out for a bit.”

I’d certainly love to see my kids get a chance to interact with classmates from preschool if it was possible, but if their family is a trainwreck and wants to try to pull us into direction we have absolutely no interest in (and vice versa, btw,) it might not be worth the frustration. People can just be WEIRD. I’m not saying that any of the other parents are, but…I’ve seen people. I’d take the lead - maybe feel them out to see if they are planners, and if so, they might already have ideas. If they are not planners, then I’d offer up suggestion, but you have to remember it might be like herding cats.

Ooh - Tiki Room, Laugh Factory, or Country Bears could be fun ones - maybe those types of easy to sit next to each other ones - Like Turtle Talk - boneyard would also be a good one as already suggested.

Being in the same area at the same time might be challenging. For the money that’s being shelled out, I’d TRY, but if it didn’t fit well enough into what I wanted to do, I wouldn’t feel too bad about it. Hopefully, the other parents are planners, and you guys can figure it out with ease. Maybe you can share tips and tricks, and the kids hit it off and want to stick together for a few rides or whatnot. Good Luck!

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OMG yes! A few trips back, one of my besties and her 2 younger kids were going to Disney near the same time we would be there for DDs Worlds cheer comp. We booked a day early to meet up on their last full day at MK. Mind you shes been to Disney more than a few times. No touring plan, 3 prebooked FPs for the late afternoon/ evening. Got there a little late so as I was readjusting the plan they steered me to a line for PoC, 45 mins! Ummm no! I had to rearrange their day and it was constantly, why aren’t we getting in this line, why are we going there, lets walk all the way across the park to wait 40 mins for dumbo. Towards the end of the day, we did all their planned attractions, some twice, with extras. She was amazed at my skills! But it was EXACTLY like herding cats :joy:


People can be weird. Or at least “different”, in a way that is fine when you are seeing each other on your own turf but becomes apparent when you are in a group outing. For me, I don’t think I would meet up with families I didn’t know very well in a setting that required spending any real amount of money (e.g. a shared sit down restaurant meal) because people think differently about money. I am the type of person who would pay the entire bill no matter how large the group just to avoid the weird conversation at the end about splitting the check / who pays for the appetizer when it was shared. But I am also blessed not to have to worry about a budget too much; for people who do, it may be weird in the opposite way to be sweating about cost when the others in your party are treating everyone. Easier to laugh about it when you know each other better.

There are some great ideas here—thank you!

One of the families is one we do a lot with as our older kids did preschool together too and the other i don’t know as well, but our husbands play golf together occasionally.

We all ended up at the same Galentines event this weekend, where Disney came up and I think we’re all on the same page about doing something that doesn’t require reservations where we can all grab a drink while the kids play and they everyone goes about their separate days.

We are at Fort Wilderness, on family is at Grand Floridian, and I’m not sure where the third is. I didn’t realize there were playgrounds at resorts, so I’m for sure going to look into that as well as see if any of our park day overlap for some of the in park options.

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Fort Wilderness has a great place called Crockett’s Tavern with a big porch with rocking chairs. There’s a big playground right beside it.

This is near the Marina area - pretty much right as you exit the dock. So a boat ride from MK.

Crockett’s Tavern is attached to Trail’s End Kitchen. Which is beside (part of? ) Pioneer Hall.

My favorite aunt and uncle were Crockets, so a beverage and a rocker is one of our WDW must do attractions. I’ve rarely seen the rockers full.

(Watch 'em be full) :joy: