Suggestion needed, what to do on no park day

Well we always schedule a non park day because there is always something else we can do. We wanted to do some things but everything is currently not available. So suggestions needed. Maybe go to Universal but we don’t have a car and I have a scooter so if it involves leaving Disney property I can’t walk a lot. Thank you

Disney Springs

Do a modified resort hop. You can’t go in, but you can take Disney Transportation to see the grounds at least.

And related to that, how about a Disney transportation hop. Find a route from you resort and back again that hits as many transportation types as possible. Like Skyliner to HS to bus to Disney Springs to Magic Kingdom to Monorail to Ferry to Wilderness Lodge to bus to Epcot, etc.


Where are you staying?

I’d schedule a lunch or supper at a resort you’ve always wanted to see, and check out the resort. Animal Kingdom Lodge, maybe.

Also, sleep in, hang at the pool, catch up on your live trip report.



How about some Fantasia Mini Golf?

We took a tip from @tddusina and booked a cabana at GF for our off day. We’ve moved to CBR instead of Pop but still worried about crowds at the pool, plus a different pool for the day and being pampered for a bit will be nice. And all still within the bubble! Dinner booked at GF Cafe and a late breakfast at Topolinos if we decide we want to do that.

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Things we would do on a park day: Disney Springs, pool time, breakfast at a resort and shop in that resort, another resort for dinner and more shopping.

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Yay! So excited for you! When is your trip again? We will be there Sept 5, fingers crossed.

Supposed to leave 7/30 if all goes well!

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Sept 19th if it happens, I just have a feeling Disney will end up closing again , I certainly hope I am wrong!!!:worried:

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We leave a day for DS and one for the Florida Mall (as we have a car). We also like pool time. Will the pools be open? What about the water parks? Can you do the mini golf?

I second the lunch and/or dinner at a different resort. You might also see if there are any tours, like the Animal Kingdom Lodge tour of the savannah. Or what about Ohana or, is the HoopDeDoo Review on?

Some good suggestions AKL has no tours as of now. I asked WDW on chat today. I am loving some of these suggestions, keep em coming!

ICON park andThe Pointe hasve some cool things to do with great food with live music venues. ICON park has a ticket for all three of there attractions for like $50/person rigth now.

The Wheel at ICON Park
Madame Tussauds Orlando
Sea Life Aqurium
Tin Roof (Resturant w/ live music)
Ole Red (Resturant w/ live music)
Sugar Factory (Resturant)
The Museum of Illusions (delayed oppening due to covid, but looking foward to going)

Pointe Orlando:
Main Event
Wonder Works
B.B. Kings ( Resturant with Great Live Music)
Lafayette’s Music Room ( ok food with live music)

All great ideas - in normal times.

Of all your suggestions, only the pools and possibly the mini golf are available. :frowning: Even Ohana hasn’t opened yet.

What about trying the foot golf if you’re active.

And I believe FW have some of their activities running, I’ve seen reports of kayaking being available, the new stables are open for visitors, not sure if the trekking is on. And somewhat surprisingly perhaps, the Segway tour at FW is available too apparently.

The catch and release fishing is usually pretty good- both in size and quantity caught. We’ve always paid for a boat/guide but I know you can do it from shore as well. Not sure if it’s available at all the waterways or just the main lagoon in front of MK.

Do they still let you do it from the shores, since there are fences along most of them now?

I didn’t think about changes since the last time we were down there. Looks like non-boat fishing is now limited to a dock at POR. But I’m partial to the guide- lets me actually fish instead of always dealing with my kid’s line :grinning:

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll run it by my family see if we can agree on something.