Suggestion for Touring Plans? -- outdoor shows

As I struggle to create touring plans with my actual fast pass times, the fact that we have some shows we’d like to see some of (but we don’t necessarily need to see all of) is creating lots of extra complication. I keep finding that because touring plans software estimates we will be 1 or 2 minutes late, it bumps us to the next show hours away. But for things like the Muppets or Main Street Philharmonic, or some of the Epcot outdoor shows, we’d be fine missing some of it in order to fit in all of our must dos. I keep thinking I’d love if there were a feature where we could select “partial show okay” and then it would allow some amount of lateness. I know I can choose a break or a meal in the same area at the same time, but then I don’t see all the possible show times in my TP and then I can’t optimize.

Just thought I’d mention in case others agree that would be a useful feature. I’m just feeling pretty frustrated because I’m really struggling with my touring plans this trip (a combination of certain suboptimal fast pass times (e.g., SDMT at 1:20 when I really wanted all morning FPs in order to play the modify game after first 3), our interest in certain shows or things like Pirate’s adventure that are mainly in the afternoon, and our expectation of taking midday breaks avoiding the parks in the afternoon is making things particularly difficult).

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I get it. I want to stop by and see Casey’s Corner Pianist or the Dapper Dan’s, but not for the full 20 minutes. I wish you could edit the time like a “break”.

I will say that I’m pretty good about having as little “free time” on my plans as possible. However, there’s always an unscheduled toilet break or snack stop. I use this time, when I leave shows early or arrive late, to fill in those gaps. No plan ever goes off perfectly so having some wiggle room helps.

Great suggestion - I bet all of us in one way or another have run into this.

Agreed, and you also miss out on the “Walk Time” info.

Another aspect I wish were available: ALL of the potential character greets. Even if the TP couldn’t accurately predict your wait, it would be nice to add “Meet Merida” into the plan so that you get map indicators and Walk Time. Could also add the “How Long Will You Take?” field to that, so that we could estimate how long we will wait (or how long we’re willing to). I’ve added breaks as a workaround for that, but it becomes cumbersome when Evaluating (and totally ineffective for an Optimize).


Yes! I only seem to be interested in the ones that aren’t available in the plans! Mike and Sully, Ralph and Vanellope, Joy and Sadness, etc.


Character Locator has filled this gap for me. I add a break with the time from CL. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best I can do for pre-planning.

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Yes this is a great suggestion. A couple of my shows are letting me walk up a minute or two late, but it doesn’t always work.

@boilermom I recently signed up for character locator for this reason but it’s not showing me wait times in my TP! Am I missing something?