Suggestion for Hotel Space Concerns

I’ve read (in various forums) about space/storage concerns in the resort hotel rooms. I know many folks have suggested using pocket shoe organizers, which is a great idea (and one we will use). But I have a suggestion to offer that I haven’t read about thus far…Command Hooks! More hangers (towels, swimsuits, etc) during your stay, and they can be removed without damage to the wall before you checkout. They even make Command Hooks for use in showers, so if you have really drippy swimsuits, you could hang them in the tub.


Great idea! Thanks!

I love this idea!! Thank you for sharing it.

How much are people bringing???

Think this is a great idea though. We do try to keep the packing to a minimum. Everyone gets one rolly bag and a carry on. You can’t schlep it - you can’t bring it. We employed this for our trip to Europe as well - very effective.

We do like to unpack though and take advantage of the dressers etc. We are a somewhat neat group. Dirty clothes get folded, put in a laundry bag and put back into the suitcase to minimize mess in the room. One suitcase is usually the “kitchen” as we eat breakfast in the room and take snacks - so that is usually set up in the closed “HEY I’m going to the closet anyone need anything to eat?”

But as a whole - we do try to take minimal. If we need something we will buy it - but 99.9% of the time - we are fine.

I’ve often wondered that myself - I see some of the WDW packing lists that people use and cringe!

Grooming, 1 pair undies/day +1 extra, 1 pain jeans, 2 pair shorts, 2 shirt/day +1 extra 3 pair shoes total (includes flops), jammies several pairs of socks, 1 light rain jacket. Some extra heavy clothes if winter. DONE

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My wife does bring a hairdryer as most hotel ones suck

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The WDW resort rooms (and many other hotel rooms) have the clothes line hangers in the bath tubs that are perfect for hanging wet bathing suits! I actually found the POFQ hair dryer to be quite good.

I feel the same way. I am the lightest packer in the world. I only own a carry on sized roller suitcase. I can put everything in there for a week for myself. I also only bring a fanny pack in the park. I hate bringing things I don’t need.

For years I used to be a bad packer - and then I would always realize that i would wear the same shorts, same shoes etc. We are staying WELL within the bounds of civilization - so if we need something we CAN buy it - but do we even really still need it? What always becomes difficult is if you are doing something that does require you to dress up (which my wife and I do enjoy) - but then it results in more shoes, a suite, more shirts etc. So that is the only time it becomes difficult - but for the most part it is easy.

We do have lots of electronics - but we even try to limit that as well - but with everything being online - you need a way to update / make plans

I always find it difficult when I have to pack a suite - a single room or a studio is manageable, but I can never get the suitcase closed when I pack a suite. :wink:

I found a great video on it and it works great. I am also a smaller guy so smaller suit

It is always a challenge. Sometimes (depending on the weather) I will wear my suit jacket on the airplane

Interesting method for folding a suit - most videos I have seen have you turning one side of the jacket inside-out and then tucking the other side into it.

BTW - love space bags. Although while packing - my wife asked “are you done humping your clothes yet?” But love space bags - everything grouped properly etc. Makes unpacking and transport so easy. But I am crazy OCD. Keeps things from getting wrinkled.

One of the things my wife is very good at / about is ensuring that we look proper while traveling - (not making any judgement) but especially when we go abroad - she doesn’t want to look like a tourist she wants to look and fit in and dress nicely. It takes some planning but it is well worth it especially for pictures etc. You are in a nice place and have your “Christmas picture momement” and someone is wearing “I’m with stupid” stained T shirt - no bueno