Suggestion for a Trip Report Category

I know Disboards has a category for this. I know Lines will still exist for users currently IN the parks, but perhaps a post-trip report category here?

That could be fun.

Are we going to devolve into a DisBoard group? I really hope not.

Impossible. We are so much more helpful and friendly. (And better looking)


Think this would be a fun idea…easier to follow here. :slight_smile:

I know I love following trips live on Lines but I wonder how it would translate to the forum. Would be nice to post pictures and have a longer format but I worry that it might bogg down the forum?

I like live trip report more than post-trip report! It less long to read haha!

Master, once a trip report is started, can you go in and reply to your own post each time you want to update your original trip report? Apologizing for what may be a silly question; I have not been in a forum before, even in my prior life as a Roman (weak joke). Anyway, maybe staff will help us find a way to do reports.

You definitely can reply to your own post. You could easily separate it by day that way. You can also go in and “edit” your post so you could just edit the original post each day and add the next day’s notes.


I think there does need to be a place for trip reports if we have to have a categorized forum instead of a real-time chat.

I can see having a big category called “trip reports” at the same level as meta or WDW. Each person could start their own thread for their trip and add to it in real-time with new comments or just write a big one after the trip.

Alternatively, people could make trip report threads within the park categories (WDW, DLR, UOR) but I would worry that this might be too confusing and that some threads would get lost.

I would feel so bad if I wrote a trip report and no one commented or saw it! Putting them all in one category would at least keep them from getting lost. We still might have a problem with comparisons, popularity, etc.