Suggested Wait Times for Festival of the Holidays

On my personalized TP for Epcot during the International Festival of the Holidays, the wait time for the holiday entertainment is 15 minutes for each of the performances (not CP). If Epcot is projected to be a level 4 for crowds that day, will I be able to plan to spend some of that wait time in pavilions and walk up to performances closer to show time? Thanks for any opinions from those who have attended festivals. This is my first festival!

I’m finding that putting the entertainment in the TP is difficult because it often has you either waiting 10-15 min for the show to start or skipping to the next show if you won’t be there in time. If it’s messing up my TP, I will see what time the shows are and use a “break” to enter in the approximate time I will allot to that show. We will be watching more casually. We don’t have to be in front or necessarily see the whole thing.

I agree. I did a lot of clicking and dragging on the plan to eliminate the running back and forth that optimizing was giving me. I was able to eliminate about 30 minutes of walking time and put pavilions and that country’s entertainment back to back. Now I have to remember to click evaluate to not lose my work. Having never been to a festival, I didn’t know how critical the wait times were.

Yeah, don’t backtrack! Epcot is tiring enough. I’m going to prioritize a couple of Holiday entertainment things and if I miss others or only see part of them, I’m not going to worry about it.

Went to Epcot on Sunday 11/25. Walked up just before most of the entertainment. Particularly enjoyed the band in Canada and the storyteller in Norway.