Suggested TP feature - ADR matchmaking

Liners sometimes/often change/tweak their schedules and have desirable ADR’s that they will cancel. Suggestion is to have a place where liners could do a reverse of the ADR finder. It could look like the reservation finder where someone could put in all the same info, and the note could be “I will cancel this at 2pm central time 12/3.” Then a text message could go out to everyone that has a matching ADR request.


That service would be great but TP has people actually checking for ADRs and I think your system would have to be computer generated?

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This would be an add-on to the existing. This is how I envision it.
TP has to have a database of the reservation finder entries. The matchmakes service could use the same database. It could also be automated.
I think the main benefit would be to give Liners first access to Liner cancelled ADR’s.

It sounds like you would be asking them to double the labor?

Well, something added to the software. So, programming labor, but not daily labor like for the reservation finder.

I am shocked to find out the reservation finder is a manual process. I feel guilty using it if that is the case. But why do you think that is the case? Seems like something that could easily be automated.

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Although there are one or two companies that use scans, Disney does not allow them and have shut them down.

The most recent example of this is DVC app

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