Suggested time for lunch reservations

Does anyone have a suggestion for what the best lunch time would be? It’s an early emh day, I’ve got kids ages 3, 7, 11, and we’re going in the June heat. If I schedule an 11:30 lunch, will that be enough time to do the rides in fantasyland and frontierland?

hoping to fpp 7d and splash

ALL of the FL and FrL attractions? - probably not. By my count, that’s 13 rides/show plus the Princess M&G and the Dumbo’s Circus M&G. And ETwB, CBJ, and Philharmagic are all in the 10-20 min duration range. Even on a CL 1 or 2 you would be hard pressed to do that much in 2 1/2 hours, and June will NOT be CL 1 or 2. Even if you have EMH it’s only 3 1/2 hours, and still probably not enough time. I would guess that about 8 rides would be the max that you could accomplish in that time. I would make my 3rd FPP BTMRR, A&E M&G, or PP, and be ready to not do which ever ones you don’t have a FPP for (unless you are willing for a 60 min wait)…

If you didn’t really mean “all”, tell us which attraction in particular you have in mind, and we should be able to give a more realistic answer :slight_smile:

I’ve gone in June with a 5 yo and was able to do Peter Pan, 7d (with FP), Splash, BTMRR x2, Pirates, UTS, Dumbo, Barnstormer, and IASW before a lunch around that time. I consider that to be the high points. I will say that we wilted pretty quickly in the heat and humidity, even though it’s hot at home, and were ready for a mid-day break and nap right after lunch.

I guess I definitely should have elaborated!!! We’ll do PP (at RD), Under the Sea, Pooh, Buzz (I know it’s not in Fantasyland), Dumbo, maybe Barnstormer, ride the train to Frontierland, eat a Dole Whip, PofC, Jungle Cruise, and possibly BTMRR (if opened). We were thinking CRT at MK.

I always opt for an 11:30 lunch - I find that you get through quicker, as you are not in with the masses who think that lunch has to be at 12:00. You may also get a benefit by hitting up attractions when many people are on their lunch break. Zig when they zag.

Don’t worry about what you get done before lunch versus after lunch. Put all the attractions you want to do that day in a Personalized TP, add in all your meal and rest breaks, and then let the Optimizer figure out the best order to do things in.