Suggested FP+ removed after optimizing

Really getting annoyed here. I am trying to tweak my plans the night before FP day. TP tells me this is a good candidate for FP, and I put it in to see how it affects the rest of the plans, and what is suggested for FP next, but instead I get the message "This plan does not use the Fastpass+ reservation for Kilimanjaro Safaris. Possible reasons for this include … blah blah … " So I take it back out, and it goes back to suggesting this is a good candidate for a FP.

I know I can Force TP to use my FPs, but that doesn’t help me decide what are the best times to shoot for when getting FPs tomorrow.

Ugghhhh … sorry, just venting.

Yeah, you pretty much want to force FP usage one FP at a time starting with the first. You probably can tell, just from looking at the initial optimize what are best candidates and times for FP anyway, and maybe there would be some very slight optimizations if the algorithm knew up front what the three FP’s were going to be, but this will be very close to optimal and you don’t have to fight the algorithm/interface.