Success with Touring Plan on an 8+ Day?

Has anyone gone to the parks on an 8 or higher day with the touring plan and had it be pretty accurate? We will be there Jan 9-18 and since it’s a holiday weekend the 15-17 is predicted to be 8-10s.

Hi, we don’t always follow a TP on quieter days but I find them essential for high-crowd levels. TP is not always perfectly accurate on specific wait times but the overall wait and recommended order for going to the attractions seems to work like magic.
As an example, on our trip in August we followed my TP exactly in MK on a level 10 day (had been predicted to be an 8). Between 9am and 3pm we covered all 15 steps on my plan, as predicted. Any wait time we had that was longer than TP thought was balanced by an unexpectedly shorter wait somewhere else and we finished within 5 minutes of my required finish time.
The thing that can really give the TP trouble though is when a big ride or two closes.

We were there for 1.5 weeks a couple weeks ago. TP had us at 6/10 days but it was 8/10 on a few days. We still found the TP helpful but they were obviously off in the afternoon. Pretty accurate in the morning. We used a TP for each park for the 1st visit. We then did the parks again but got tired of following the TP schedule. Used the website to check wait times, FP in the afternoon when it was busiest and rope dropped. It went well.