Success with "not-a-touring-plan" plan?


Can anyone tell me about using the "not-a-touring-plan" plans? I made a customized plan for Epcot and then realized it was basically the same as the NATPP. Is it really successful, even without the more specialized step-by-step instructions?


I think the not-a-touring-plan is more of a strategy than a series of specific steps. Personally, I prefer making a personalized touring plan using the website. That allows you to customize and prioritize your own personal can't-miss attractions.

Just ask if you have more questions or need any help!


I rarely use a detailed TP for EP. I typically FPP TT and do Soarin' at RD. My other two FPPs are usually SE and MS. The rest of FW typically doesn't have serious lines. I never use a TP for WS; I block off a time frame (usually around noon to closing). I typically have 2 ADRs in WS, but those are my only "set" plan items. If there are some live shows that I especially want to see, I make a note of those times and try to be near by when they start. For me EP, although the biggest of the parks, is the most relaxed touring of a trip.


I guess it depends on what you mean by successful. We have used variants of this I the parks and it has made for a great day with less walking and less stress about what comes next. However, it probable does not deliver the lowest wait times - decide what's important to you and then go with that - there is no "right" answer.