Success with FEA FPP?


How successful have you all been at obtaining a FPP for FEA? My trip is 11/5-11/11. I am only interested in two big ticket rides in EPCOT (TT and FEA) and my schedule is flexible. Do you think that with a flexible schedule I will successfully get a FPP, or should I not mention the ride at all to my DD and not count on going on at all? Is the queue still crazy? I am a long way from making FPP reservations but I like to be prepared!


Today at day 60 there were plenty to pick from beginning around 1:00.


I got my choice at 7 am on my 60 day for a trip durring August, Epcot was 5 days in on my Trip


Christmas Day 2016 was my 3rd day, and I got FEA for early afternoon without any problem. And that was 5 hours after booking opened. You'll be fine with a flexible schedule. Go for that first.

FoP is another matter though. If you're hoping for that, try and make AK on one of your last days.


I had no problem at all getting mine. Epcot was our first day, though. The cue was crazy long at 2ish when we used ours. Think 1.5 hours on a CL 5 or 6 day