Success in requesting late check out?

Is it difficult to get a later check-out time request granted? We're staying at the Contemporary and would love to check out around 1:00 pm. Going to MK in the morning and it would be great to return to the room to change before leaving for the airport. Thanks!

I've only asked 3 times but never got it. CSR, AKL (but Villa so I expected no) and I can't remember where the other one was. All 'off peak' times too. I may just have really bad luck.

😔 Bummer @pirategirl007! We're checking out on Labor Day (Monday) and I have no idea what to expect but I'm going to ask anyway! Thanks.

I'd say I've been successful at getting late check out about 90% of the time. Exceptions are for DVC which vary rarely allows late check out. I always request it when I check in. Sometimes the request has been put in, but I've had to call or go back to front desk to see if it's been approved.

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We requested it in Feb at POFQ and they honored the request.

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Ask when you check in and you're likely, but not certain to get late checkout. I've been told that there is a set number of late checkouts for each day in each location of the resort and once they're gone you're out of luck, so the sooner you put in your request the better. The front desk often just puts in the request (they can't always tell me right now whether it will be granted), but when they don't I've gotten a message from Housekeeping notifying me whether or not I could checkout late.

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I have only asked once - and got it - at AoA in mid-May this year. We were checking out on a Sunday.

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We were granted late check-out once while staying in a DVC villa. It was extenuating circumstances though - my 4yo niece had an awful stomach virus and we weren't leaving for the airport until around 4. Luckily, they were very accommodating.

Update: We asked at the front desk and got a late check out at 1:00pm. The CM said that the computer determines if it is approved. She entered our request and it worked. We were really happy as we spent the entire morning in MK.