Stupid question... What do you do with your freestyle cup during rides?

OK, I have searched and either I’m doing it wrong or this has never been asked…

It has been almost 20 years since I have been to orlando, and back then it was a water bottle, or your drinking that “sulfur” water from the water fountain along your travels.

Say I get everyone in my party (eg… 4 people) a daily refillable freestyle cup each for all of us to stay hydrated. What happens when we get to a ride, I am assuming that food and drinks are not allowed on any or most of the rides that involve some type of movement… Cupholders on the ride??? I guess you would want to hold on to your cup for the day, instead of throwing it in the trash before each ride…

Thanks in advance for your reply!!!

Most rides you can’t take a bag on either, all your stuff needs to be stored in a free locker.

We just returned and had 1 freestyle cup and shared it between 3 of us (one at a time, washed out in between because I am a nurse and a germ freak). They are kind of big, I don’t think I would want to pack 4 around all day. We put ours in my son’s drawstring backpack when empty. It fit fine in the lockers. You can refill it every 10 minutes at the Freestyle machines.