Stupid Brain Fart Question - Park to Park?

One day of my upcoming trip a friend and I are having breakfast at 'Ohana and then going to Magic Kingdom for a couple of hours before she has to leave. I’m currently planning Epcot, but other than Illuminations less than thrilled with the food options for “linner” - particularly with gluten-free food options that are not Garden Grill or Akershus - I was going to do Le Cellier, but the salad I was going to get along with poutine is no longer on the menu, and I feel stupid going there for poutine and maple creme brulee only. So… I’m pondering going to Animal Kingdom as I love it and there are PLENTY of options for me there - plus it’ll allow me some free roaming time since my day there the following day is pretty structured with breakfast and Rhinos and my FOP FP+. (Ergo no pressure or sadness that I can’t get that after being in MK).

But I’m totally blanking on if I can get a bus directly to Animal Kingdom from Magic Kingdom or if I’d need to walk to the Contemporary or monorail to the Poly or Grand Floridian and get a bus from there. Help!

Yes there are park to park buses.


Thank you! I thought so, but could not remember if it was just a wish or true.

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Just in case you have other bus related questions…

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Just to tag on to @missoverexcited … You may find some stale information floating around about World Express, which transferred you from inside one park to inside another park (skipping security). That option is no longer available.

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Thanks! That I knew. I just could not remember if there was a regular bus between the parks. :slight_smile: