Stumped by Rider swap + fastpass choices in Hollywood Studios

We are a family of five planning to visit the park for a full day. Last year we toured with an infant and got a taste for rider swap. My other two children weren’t quite 48 inches so we never did Rock n Roller Coaster. We all did Toy Story Mania and my infant could ride with us.

This year my oldest is over 48 inches and wants to ride Rock n Roller Coaster but our other two kids aren’t tall enough so we will do a rider swap fast pass reservation for just one adult and one child. What has me stumped is that there isn’t anything else offering riderswap in Tier One for Hollywood Studios to offset our lopsided faspasses. We wouldn’t want just half of our family missing out you know?

Is is possible for our younger riders to book 3 Tier 2 attractions instead? Has anyone done this?

I don’t know about the rider swap, but I think for the rockin roller coaster, they need to be 48 inches.

Agreed, 48" minimum height for RnR.

At 40", the only coasters your oldest can ride would be 7D, BTMRR, Barnstormer and ToT. Can’t ride Space, EE until 44" or RnR until48". At HS, TSMM is one of our family favorites so we always use a tier 1 for that. However, if you want to book 3 tier 2’s, you can.

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Right, sorry. I was thinking about my middle child’s height being 40 while I typed. My oldest is 49 inches now.

I was thinking maybe we could do 2 fastpasses for RnR, do rider swap so both my husband and me can ride with our oldest once & the non riders could do a later fastpass for Beauty and the Beast… then the two us not holding a FP+ for the show would stand in the standby line. That way we can all see the show together and we can utilize the fast passes? I’m not sure its the most efficient way but I’m at a loss.

Maybe we book 4 fast passes for RnR and my oldest just rides it several times? What would you do?

What will your younger children like? You do not want to do Toy Story? If not, book everyone a RnR get rider swap and switch off MBs for rides. We did rider swap for Star Tours and I took the baby to Disney Junior with FPs.

I book FPP for those who want to ride (in your case 2 FPP), then everyone show up at RnR to get rider swap. Then you can get another ride for you and son. I normally never schedule a FPP to shows as we always walk in.

In my case I have a 4 kids 16-5…3 tall enough to ride. So we book TSMM FPP as everyone loves that ride. We RD TSMM (so we can ride 2x) then run over to standby RnR and get rider swap ticket. 5 year old and I walk around or try a ride for 20 - 30 or so minutes (which is typical standby line at that time). Then, we meet back up and typically later I’ll use the rider swap ticket for RnR for me and 2 kids. That works for us and we prefer FPP for TSMM as it is good for everyone.

How about FPP TSMM for everyone and rope drop RNR asking for a rider swap? You can then return later in the day for the 2nd ride on RNR so the extra little littles don’t have to wait so long.

Thank you! I have no idea why this didn’t occur to me that we can do standby and also rider swap. LOL.

Thanks for helping me wade through the overwhelm of options. This makes so much more sense.

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