Stumped by an extra FP

We have one day where I’m stuck with an extra fastpass and don’t know exactly what to do with it and am looking for ideas.The situation is, we’re going to AK then hopping to EPCOT. I can’t ride rough rides.

We have these FP: FOP 9:20, EE 10:20, KS 11:25 (except for me, I have club level FP for Navi River at 11:20). Then, to get my regular FP out of the way, the CM put it at 1 pm at
a nearby meet-n-greet which I have no intention of going to, we’ll be at Tiffin’s then anyway.

In the evening, we’ll have Soarin’ Mission Space and Test Track (except me) these will all be club level.

My question is, is having that Adventurer’s Outpost fastpass worse than nothing? How can I get rid of it? What other things can I do with it? I’d like to be able to use the grab & refresh strategy with my family but it seems I can’t do it with that hanging around in my MDE.


Can’t you just modify the one you have when you’re in the park to something that you can just tap into and then proceed from there?

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I think I can. Could I just start trying to modify it into a KS as soon as I tap into the Navi River ride, and then tap into it when I go back up there? I plan to meet them there and try to squeeze into Lion King before lunch. I’m just not sure why the CM made it for in the middle of when we’re at Tiffins!

We have a similar issue on two park days. What we decided to do was make a “throwaway” FP for a Tier 2 ride early in the day before we even arrive. Then it will expire and be out of our way when it comes time for us to try for the coveted 4th FP. I was told this should work fine and if for any reason it didn’t expire, just to go to a FPP kiosk and tell them we didn’t make it to this ride this morning can you make it expired so we can try for another? Hope it works!

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Huh. Maybe that’s what the CM was trying to do, have it expire while we were eating lunch? Since we’re there early it’s not possible for it to be the first one of the day. But I’d like to get it out of the way before that- I am hoping to score some KRR passes for after lunch, before we leave AK.

Why don’t you just schedule a krr fp for after lunch?

Hope this post of mine from last year helps:



Mar '18

Hey, we just got back from our trip. I am not sure if this helps you, but here is what we did… We booked FoP, EE, and DINOSAUR back to back in the AM for AK in advance of our trip. After scanning into FoP, we attempted to modify DINOSAUR so that we could look at availability at MK. The normal warnings did not pop up, the system simply would not allow us to get past by “Continuing” with each guest. Not sure why, or if we did something wrong. I also attempted to get through the “ Add a FP ” process and same thing. We were blocked and could not bypass. However, I took a chance and just deleted my DINOSAUR FP, then went through the “ Add ” process and selected MK. The system allowed me to add an MK FP, even though I was still holding EE. The result was that I was holding EE and Winnie the Pooh in MDE at the same time.

So, (at least last year this worked for us) I think once you are in AK, after you scan in to your first preselected FP, you can delete the AK FP that you don’t want, and select a FP in Epcot for later in the day.

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I have them already taken up with other things later in the day at EPCOT. KRR is not the highest on our list of things to do (DH is kind of lukewarm on it, TBH).
What I could do is schedule mine for KRR and then try to find some for the rest of the family once they check in at KS. I’m sure it would be easier to find four than five.

That’s a good tip. Since I’m not going to use the Adventurer’s Outpost FP anyway, if I take a chance on changing it and lose it, it won’t be a huge loss. Actually, losing it is kind of the idea anyway :rofl: