Struggling with limited options

My ADR day is coming up in about a week.
Many of our usual spots aren’t opening so I’ve had to be creative. Which is fine for the most part.
But I’m really struggling with our last night’s dinner.
To further complicate things, one adult is super picky and the child is also.
I don’t really want our last dinner to be a QS. In another time, I’d just book something that mostly works and then ask the chef if they could modify for us. We’ve done it before, and they’re usually very accommodating. Now I’m a little leery of taking a chance.
I just need a place with decent food where I can find typical kids stuff (burgers, pizza, grilled cheese) and plain food like steak and fries. Our last night is at the MK, so either there or resort/DS.

Any ideas?

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We did Homecomin’ at DS and really loved it.

Looking at DS probably gives you the most options to consider.


The menus at TS are very limited… just FYI

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Yeah I looked at their menu and it doesn’t really work. My husband is one of the pickiest eaters I know, and I’m trying to limit his burger intake as much as possible. His mom is one of the worst cooks I’ve ever met and as a result his palate is like a 5 year olds.
No pork, no fish, almost no chicken, no onions and no garlic, just to name a few.
I wish I was joking. If I could find a place that served steak frites, that would be amazing.

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Yeah I know that’s why I’m struggling. I’ve been reading menus and coming up short. I won’t count on being able to ask the chef to make something off menu like in the past.

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the limited menus are why we are just going to stick w/ quick service for now. TS is expensive and then if you can’t get what you want the check feels like a kick in the pants


In that case…there is a McDonald’s on Disney property some place. :wink:



My niece’s DH is exactly like this. Burgers and chicken, as long as the chicken has no bones. Maybe 2 veggies. He’s 41 years old. They eat out a lot because she gets tired of cooking a limited rotation.

Are roast beef and mashed potatoes on your DH’s menu of Things to Eat?

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Nope! Fried potatoes only. DH is 45, lol.
We end up cooking two sets of dinners a lot for this reason. Thankfully, 2 of my 3 kids are pretty open minded eaters.

About 25 years ago when we first started dating, I went to his parents house for dinner. It was boiled potatoes, mushy vegetables and a grayish roast that was dry and flavorless. Which I assumed to be pork.
After the dinner DH asked me how I liked dinner. I said that it was ok but the pork roast was a bit dry. He informed me it was, in fact, roast beef.



Have you looked at Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill?

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He’ll eat steak?

Grand Floridian Cafe has a steak with cheesy potatoes.

The lobster burger comes with fries.

I’m thinking asking for the fries with the steak wouldn’t be a hardship in the kitchen as they serve them with the burger.

Only trouble guys, they’re seasoned fries.
Altho they might be an after cooking addition that could be left off.

I read once of a child that had a really unusual food allergy. Disney sent a chef to a place to learn about the allergy and how to cook for it. The chef then shared the info with other WDW chefs upon his return. Disney wants guests to be comfortable with their meals.

After several decades, I think it’s safe to operate on the idea that your DH and my niece’s DH have essentially a food sensitivity. It’s probably not possible under everyday conditions for them to change. I don’t think Disney chefs think about food the way you or I might. Meaning to say, it’s ok - no, appropriate - to ask for fries instead of mashed potatoes.

Either that, or allow that last Disney burger. :rofl:

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We struggled with ours. What we wanted had no availability, restaurants that did have availability didn’t have a menu that we liked. So we booked only two table service.

The rest we will eat at QS, or (since our friend is driving to meet us) we’ll go “out”

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Raglan Road food is really good in case you have never tried it…Fun place too


OMG. I have posted this exact same question. I am booking our ADR this Sunday. My DH is also a VERY picky eater and I mean like taste buds of a 5 yr. old picky. I did find that Ale and Compass at Yacht Club had some great options. Liberty Tree Tavern is another. I swear DIsney has to truffle everything and we both hate mushrooms.
I have read every menu and also have to take into consideration the shorter hours at parks. Without crowd levels to gage and extended hours do we really want to waste time eating in the parks or just go eat somewhere before or after? That and most all breakfasts open up at 7:30 a.m. so dine and dash to the park. I guess this wouldn’t matter if crowds remain the same as they are now.
Seems like everyone is on the same playing ground whether first timers or veterans. I can’t wait for our trip but this is the first time I feel completely confused on how to do it.



Me, too. Confusion reigns.

But then I think, most trip reports say they’ve done every ride and then some. We only have a few rides in each park that we really must do and if we can do them repeatedly, all the better.

We do like to eat! Altho nearly all our favorite restaurants are closed this gives us a good opportunity to try others.

And we love being in the park either before or after hours, so later reservation times for supper in parks is one of the guidelines.

In recent trips we’ve been doing more brunches, after rope dropping favorite rides. Haven’t tackled this yet, opening hours being what they are!

Good luck!


I actually got so nervous about not being able to get adrs at places my husband will eat that I made a another room reservation so I could do ADRs today. That I will cancel on Tuesday, which is our actual ADR day.

And even then, while I got every place I wanted, I had to rearrange plans because I couldn’t get dinner times. Like sci fi.

I still need to fill in a breakfast on our AK day. We usually do tusker, but clearly that’s not happening.


I think we’ll miss Tusker House. We’re not really coffee and croissant persons.

What did you get at Sci Fi?