Struggling with dinner at HS

I will be in WDW in under 2 months and since I just made my FPP reservations I am going over my current ADRs. I have one for Mama Melrose for dinner during our HS day. I have no desire to eat here but I feel like there are not many options at HS. We are having lunch at Sci-fi that day. We have eaten at 50s Prime and didn’t love it, so we don’t want to go back there. Any suggestions? There are 11 of us in the group with a mix of adults and kids (where the kids out number the adults).

I’ve actually always enjoyed MM. The only other TS option in DHS is Hollywood Brown Derby, which has hands down the best food in the park. It’s also “signature”, so it will be pricey. I suppose there’s H&V, but a family buffet with CMs in which I have zero interest makes it a complete non-starter for me… Of course there are any number of other options in the BW/BC/YC/Swolphin area if you choose to leave the park.

I think your biggest limiting factor is trying to find an ADR for 10 anywhere at 60 days.


Have you considered going over to Boardwalk and eating at one of the restaurants there? We completely skipped all of the HS restaurants this time. I’m not interested in H&V, and we’ve tried all of the others. If I were to choose one again, it would be 50s.


I have considered it since we are staying at the Yacht Club. Which restaurant(s) would you recommend?

I have thought about HBD but I agree, it will be hard to get an ADR for that many people this close.

I’ve only been to two of them: Trattoria al Forno for brunch and Flying Fish. Flying Fish is expensive, but we really enjoyed it.

I enjoyed the brunch at Trattoria. It was awesome! However, you are eating lunch at SciFi.

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FLYING FISH! (sentence)


We weren’t impressed with MM. I agree with trying the boardwalk or Epcot if you have hoppers.

Do you have park hoppers? I agree with the suggestions to look at the resort area. If you have PHs you could also consider Epcot without going too far.

We did the Trattoria brunch and loved it. The food was delicious and very much brunch instead of breakfast food in my opinion. I understand you have Sci-fi though. I like it there as well. We also enjoyed mama melrose. It wasn’t the best meal I’d ever had, but I’ve had much worse on property and I’d consider eating there again for sure given the lack of options in HS.

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Thank you everyone for the feedback! We do not have park hoppers so going to Epcot is not an option. After reading some of these maybe I will just keep the MM reservation and give it a try. I am also intrigue with trying Flying Fish since we are staying in that area. I will see what the rest of the groups thinks. Thanks again!


Don’t forget the Swan and Dolphin - some good food options there too. :slight_smile:

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Yes! LOVED Il Mulino!

If the group likes seafood, Cape May was a hit with our family. It will run about double what MM does though so for a large group, if cost is an issue, it is not a great option. We did Flying Fish and Yachtsman as well and liked both, Yachtsman a little more than FF, but both are signature and even more expensive than Cape May typically.