Struggling to figure out my ADR's

Me, hub and DD6 have a short trip planned at the end of January, and I’m struggling to figure out my ADR’s for this trip, particularly my HS day and my second MK day.

Here’s what I’m going for so far
friday- arrive late, no park day
Saturday- epcot. Shooting for breakfast at Topolinos, then dinner at via napoli.
Sunday- MK… QS breakfast and LTT for lunch, Chef arts after park closing
Monday- HS- QS breakfast, likely QS lunch.
Struggling with dinner… I want to stay withing walking distance of the skyliner (staying at CB).
definite no’s: Topolinos for dinner, cape may, 50’s PTC, Brown derby
Possibilities: Mama Melrose, Beaches and Cream, Trattoria al forno, Hollywood and vine ?
Tuesday: MK, QS breakfast, Kona cafe or skipper canteen for dinner
Wednesday- morning at AK… no meals planned, leave by 1pm

any ideas reccomendations on the suggested places? I’m not the hugest fan of character dining so if you recommend H&V I need you to really sell me on it!!

Why not try Trattoria for your HS day? Since you don’t need to be at DHS super early you could walk or take the boat up. Also H&V is getting good reviews since it stopped being a buffet, plus you get the characters but they don’t come round.

Cape May isn’t open.

Sadly, DHS, isn’t renown for it’s dinning selections!

Mama Melrose is on par with Olive Garden
B&C makes fun ice cream, but the burgers are just on par with what you’d get in the parks
I’ve never been to Tratto al Forno, but from what I’ve read it’s “ok”

The only recommendation I can make for DHS is to eat a Ronto Wrap for lunch! (and maybe another for dinner!)

What do you like to eat? I had a very good prime rib at H&V! And what makes you say not a fan of character dining? The “new” character dining is pretty lightweight but they definitely interact with your table so if that’s what you don’t like then I would maybe even suggest another QS meal at DHS.

There are things at Trattoria al Forno that are good and things that aren’t. The ravioli was good but the scallops were so salty I literally couldn’t eat them. The calamari was good. You just have to choose well but if you get one of the three outdoor tables it’s a great ambience in the evening and the Boardwalk was so uncrowded when we were there it was lovely. Also you could get a pizza and eat it at one of the waterfront tables. But I am biased as I love the feel of the Boardwalk.

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I’m not a huge fan of the character dining because we have already done several of them. They are pricey, so they aren’t worth it to me anymore, especially since my picky eater 6 year old barely will eat anything at them and I’m paying for her plate.

The biggest difficulty with the limited menus now is that it’s hard to find something me, my hubs d and my daughter will all eat. Yes, the kids meals are all pretty basic but there’s only so much pizza or chicken fingers or Mac and cheese I can feed this kid in a week.
I completely forgot about sci fi though- I’ve never eaten there so I think I’m going to try to get a reservation there
And possibly try the quick service in Batuu.
Thanks for all the input!


I’ll be there end of Jan as well :smile:

For Kona Cafe there will be no monorail going to Poly so that makes it a little more out of the way. You can still get there fairly easily via boat or TTC but it just won’t be as quick. Skipper Canteen is really good. Looking at the menu doesn’t do it justice in my opinion. If you have never eaten there I would recommend it over Kona.

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For SciFi you’ll probably need to search for 4 or 6. It’s not really finding smaller parties right now because of how they have it set. No problem showing up with fewer than you reserved for.

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thanks for the insight!!

I may try to book Canteen for lunch and Kona for dinner. Eager to try both!!