Strollers at epcot

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I have a question about strollers. I wasn’t planning on renting a stroller for the whole time this trip, I have twin almost 7 year olds who are pretty good walkers.

The only park I’m concerned about is EPCOT. We have a 8:05 res at GG and then a good bit of walking around after. I want to be able to enjoy the world showcase, so I think getting a stroller at Epcot is the best route. I’d like to rent one of Disney’s strollers so I don’t have to lug it around on WDW transportation.

Can I rent a stroller before our reservation at GG? Thanks!

I wouldn’t rent a stroller before your 8:05am ADR as it will make you late, that’s assuming it even opens at 8am, it probably is 9am or somewhere in between. Last trip my eldest was 7 and she never had the use of a stroller and didn’t need it. Next trip my youngest will be 7 and we are taking it, though she’ll only be allowed to use it after dinner, so she can sleep while we wander around or watch fireworks. I would consider taking your own double stroller, then you’ll have it in case you need it. Ours was the most useful when leaving a park as it can be quite a distance from your last attraction/show and your car/bus, especially if you then have to wait a while.

We don’t have a stroller anymore. That’s why I’m contemplating renting one. I may try to walk around future world and then rent one to make our way around world showcase.

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You will be dependent on the opening hour of the rental place, that’s the only problem you might have.
But you should have no problem renting and you can easily get a double stroller. A word of warning: those things are big plastic things about the size of a HM doom buggy!
The stroller rental is on the left hand side of spaceship earth (when entering from main entrance), GG is on the right and a bit of a hike back after your breakfast if you pass by and it is closed when arriving. But maybe it can help you work down the Mickey pancake calories???

Once our kids hit 4, we stopped using strollers in the parks. Hard to imagine needing one for a seven year old. Out last Disney trip our son was 6. Two days at Epcot, and a stroller just wasn’t necessary. Would have been a hassle, truthfully.

Just one man’s opinion. With five kids. :wink:


Just have the one kid, but I think it really depends on the kid. DS is a trooper now at 10, but he used one up until he was 8. Granted, he’s got a disability, but there are kids who will use them and need them past 4. They are a hassle at times, but I truly miss it. Extra storage, no complaining from DS when he’s tired and a place for his disabled mom to lean on when needed as well! :grin:


There’s that in between age (7-9) where they may need/want it and you may too. I sometimes miss the years where DH & I walked at our own pace and the stroller went as fast. Once the kids are expected to walk, just be aware of how that will affect touring in general.
I agree with @Tate about needing it most when you have to leave the park. Sometimes those are the longest walks of all.
So, maybe rent a nice stroller from one of the local places that deliver to your resort? Those Disney contraptions are truly uncomfortable plastic shells.

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I didn’t really think about walking to and from the parks from the busses/parking. I really didn’t want to take the stroller on the busses. That’s just so annoying. But we’ll only be doing it to two parks since we’re staying at BLT. I have heard though that the 1-bedrooms at BLT are smaller than others. Wondering if having to store the double stroller in the room will cramp us.

Keep in mind that you don’t ALL have to go back to the stroller rental to get the stroller. Just one of you goes to get it while the others look around or make it to the next attraction.

Also, we had strollers for our boys up until 8. They didn’t often use them, but they were there when the crowds got thick and we had to get somewhere and I didn’t want to lose them. Also, there were times when a little sit down was nice for them. Mostly, it was used for storage and for my mom to stabilize her before she was ready to be seen with a walker.

The BLT rooms are smaller than others, but I think you’ll have space in the closet for a stroller. There’s also a little laundry room that it might fit into.

I’d want the stroller to get from BLT to MK and back too.

Thank you all for all the input.

Specific question: can we take the monorail from BLT to epcot for our PPO GG breakfast? Will the monorail be running? If not, a bus?

If I wanted to take a Lyft , could I just request an XL to be able to fit the stroller in the back?

I feel like it shouldn’t be this complicated to get to epcot from BLT, haha.

You’ll take the monorail to the TTC, get off and get on the Epcot monorail. It should be running but anything can happen. If it’s not running, they will have a bus.
Or, yes, you can XL lyft so you can fit the stroller.

Getting to Epcot was the one annoyance I found staying at BLT. I’d like the MK resorts to offer a bus alternative all the time for those who prefer to skip the extra step for that monorail. But…it’s really not that big of a deal.