Strollers and Buses or Personal Vehicle

Hey everyone! We are renting a stroller from an outside vendor and having it delivered to our hotel on the Disney property. Is it better to lug the stroller onto the bus to get to and from the parks or take our personal vehicle to the parking lots?
Thanks in advance for all the help!

Last trip we didn’t have auto. Had double stroller, which my son was able to easily collapse for the buses. Had great results with buses going to MK/AK from Dolphin. That said, we were able to walk/boat without collapsing the stroller for EP/HS. Still, we would be ok using the buses for all parks in future, as long as operate as efficiently as did last trip.

Hadn’t taken buses in many years. actually enjoyed sitting back and letting someone else drive/navigate disney roads for a change!

We have generally found buses easier with stroller - getting stroller on/off parking lot trolley was the bane of Every Single Day. Exception is maybe HS if you’re there really early and can just walk from car to entrance.

mossmac- I;m glad you mentioned that. next trip we’ll have auto, also 1/2 week offsite hotel. so I’ll try to remember better to park early day, avoid trams bc double stroller again.

btw, did you know that when you return second part of day - after midday break- you can tell CM that you had a parking space way in front early day. at least a few yrs ago, they would let you go ahead, park near front then.

Wow - interesting about the parking spot!
If we always had a car and stroller and were on-site, we’d use the car for HS for sure, and, depending on my mood, probably for AK and EP (especially if we left early).
Probably never for MK.

Thanks for the tips! We’ll be spending the majority of our time at MK and HS so we’ll bus it to MK and car it to HS. If you don’t make it to HS right at opening is it better to use the bus?