Stroller vs. No-Stroller

DD7 has been to WDW 2 other times, but always with a stroller as a backup plan to walking 14 hours a day. I cant decide if 7 is too old for a stroller and if I should make her walk. We also like a stroller for storage ie. bookbags, snacks, drinks etc. Any opinions?

We plan on at least taking a stroller for DD5. She will be 6 by next trip, but it was so nice having a cart for stuff. She may not use it the first few days, but I am betting by 3rd or 4th day she will be whining for it. We will plan a stroller for at least 3 more years.

You could always rent one in the park if you get there and change your mind… I love the in-park strollers.

Everyone has a different opinion on strollers, but in my opinion the average healthy 7 year old just does not need a stroller. My oldest used a stroller at 6 because we had a double and her brother was only 4. The next trip our youngest was 5 and went with no stroller. We had planned to rent if necessary but he rocked it and was totally fine.

I personally was thrilled to be free of the stroller. I know many people will say they love having the stroller to store things in but we just don’t need that. I have a backpack and each of the kids carry a water bottle holder. That first trip with no stroller was FABULOUS. It is so nice to not be schlepping around that darn stroller.

We have found that both our kids would still happily stroll from time to time at that age. And if there wasn’t a kid in the stroller, there was a backpack! We found they needed it more in the evening, night…so if our day allowed for a stop back in the room, we’d leave it home all morning and pick it up just for the night. That, or we’d just grab a park stroller for the night on occasion :smile:

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I think this depends on the kid. My DD9.5 plays travel soccer, is very athletic and fit, but she does not do well in the heat. We are bringing a stroller DS5, but I am betting DD sneaks her way in there. I would bring one for her, but I’ve come to realize how awful she is in the heat. (And when I say heat, I mean like 75, so FL heat is really not her thing.)

Just depends on the kid and the family. It’s a preference thing over ability many times. I think most 6+ year olds can handle it with reasonable pace/breaks, etc. if it’s expected of them. Just a matter of how you want to tour.

We didn’t think we would need a stroller when DD was 7 or 9 and we were kind of wrong both times. Trip when she was 7 we caved early and the entire trip was so much nicer without her asking if we could go back to the room every hour or so.

When she was 9 she did the bulk of the trip walking but one day she wasn’t feeling well and we got the stroller. Extended the fun for everyone. She’s an athletic kid but I think it’s the heat. She just is like a deflated balloon. So is DH but he’s a little big for a stroller :smile:

Happily stroller-free since DD turned 5. I choose resorts & breaks wisely. #1lessstrollertogetinyourway #you’rewelcome

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We don’t get a stroller for our DD7 but we get a ride behind platform when we rent a stroller for DD4. Works great! She keeps up with us fine on foot though–any fussing about her feet or whatever and I know it’s just time for a break for those little legs!

DS will be 7 our next trip and I am not bringing one. I do however realize this may slow our walking pace a bit. I brought one this past year for him and he used it alot and he is a high energy kid but the heat gets to him. Hoping it goes well!

What stroller did you rent for your 9 year old daughter? The Disney one? My kids are ages 4 & 7 and the 4 year old for sure needs a stroller. Even though it makes me feel lazy for considering a stroller for my 7 year old, I just know our vacation will go smoother if he is not whining about walking everywhere. However my 7 year old is tall, already 53 inches and about 65 pounds. I was hoping to use a double stroller but their combined weight is at least 10 pounds over the weight limits.

Last trip ds5 (still in stroller here and there) like it for the fact he could “hide” when it got crowded… We will take it next oct for sure (plus new ds1 will be with us!) so I won’t be atroller free for years!!! ️Hahaha I do look forward to someday not having to take one… we do a lot of parking and leaving so I feel like I do extra walking to retrieve the stroller! do what you feel like you have to… But it’s always nice to know you can rent one if you need to! Good luck!