Stroller Rental

Who would you use and why? I love the City Mini, however really want a snack tray for my son.

We used the citi mini double last trip. I think we used kingdom stroller last time and magic the time before. Both were fine.

We are renting a double from Kingdom Strollers for our trip next month. DS4 and DD2 prefer to walk but I know they will feel differently after an hour at MK!
We opted to rent outside of Disney for a couple reasons:

  1. We don’t want to or need to fly with a stroller so getting one there was the alternative.
  2. We would be so lucky if the kids decided to take a nap while inside the park and it will be so much easier to wheel them straight back to the room. (If we rented a park stroller, we would have to take tired kids out and lug them back to the room ourselves!)
  3. Kingdom was cheaper than renting inside the park plus we will have the stroller for the entire length of our stay even on days when we aren’t in the park.

I think your best bet would be to just buy one and bring it with you. i found them on Amazon

I have used Kingdom Strollers 2x now and the are great. Even had them deliver a case of water.

We have rented from Orlando Strollers in the past…city mini double once, and the city elite last time. Brand new, no issues at all.