Stroller Rental Questions

Good afternoon, we are making our first trip to Disneyland next year and I have a question on stroller rental. In the past when going to Florida I have used Orlando Stroller Rentals because I like that you can pickup the stroller right at the airport. Are there any services similar at the Los Angeles airport? If there isn’t I have two follow-up questions, we are doing a split stay at two hotels, the Hilton Universal City to start and then ending at the Disneyland Hotel. I know Disney does not allow drop off without meeting the person doing the pickup, does anyone know if the Hilton allows that? And finally, for stroller pickup at the end of the vacation, can we leave it at the Disneyland Hotel or do we have to wait until the person comes to pick it up? Thanks everyone!

I’d ask over on WDW Lines Chat.

Even though it’s WDW chat folks still discuss DLR.

It’s a very active and knowledgeable group for information on parks all over the world.

Go to-

Then scroll down to WDW Planning Tools, then WDW Chat, and ask away.

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