Stroller rental open pre RD?

Are the stroller rental places open pre-rope drop? So could we get our stroller on our way to our 8:05am breakfast on a 9am open day?

I don’t know what time the stroller rental opens, but I do know that the strollers disney has a large, unwieldy, hard, no recline, and minimal shade. If you haven’t looked at another stroller rental company, you might find better prices. Or, most Airlines don’t charge to bring strollers, so bring one from home. We bought a cheap one for less than the cost of a rental and have taken it on four disney trips as well as a few other non disney trips. If it gets a little dinged on the plane, no worries because it has already proved its worth and isn’t our day to day stroller at home.

I am a big fan of the cheap umbrella stroller - took DD all over China in one. If I were in charge of WDW, I would ban all strollers (including the rentals) except for umbrella ones - just think, no more having to dodge the Maclaren monstrosities the size of RVs…

Thank you. We’ve done both - rented from Disney and from other vendors. In some ways we prefer the Disney ones. Easy to dry off after an unexpected downpour, don’t have to lug on and off buses, and roomier (in some ways) for bigger kids. And we need a double, so an umbrella (or two) is not ideal for us. Thanks for the suggestions, though.

Stroller rentals in park open at park opening @Displanner123, so you have to spend RD time getting one first.