Stroller Rental - Baby Wheels or Kingdom

For our March 2015 trip, I rented from Baby Wheels Orlando bc the 2014 version of The Unofficial Guide…gave it great reviews. No mentioned of Baby Wheels in the 2016 guide and Kingdom Stroller seems to be the favorite now. The price is a $5 difference. Does anyone have insight into why the big change? Thanks.

My guess (and it is only a guess) is that WDW I believed made a switch to preferred providers. Baby wheels is not on that list? With Kingdom Strollers the stroller can be picked up and dropped off at bell services. I am not sure that is true for Bany Wheels.

Interesting theory. Thanks!

we always brought our own. Higher end umbrella and it worked out great. For the price of renting for a week we were able to buy a nice high end one

For our trip in September we reserved through Kingdom Strollers and for 8 nights for a pretty nice single stroller we paid $105. I’m not sure you can buy a high end stroller for cheaper than that. For us having a stroller waiting for us at the hotel and being able to drop it off there as well, makes the price worth it.