Stroller recommendations

Need stroller recommendations for the park. We’re driving, but need to conserve space in the van, so don’t want to bring our bulky jogger. Would like one that’s durable for use after we return home, has a shade, and has a basket under the seat for storage. Thanks!

I have just been on a stroller researching kick focusing on umbrella strollers.

The one we had which was a Combi - which didn’t get too high reviews in my research, but I loved. I bought it for then DS2’s first Disney trip It was light, folded easily and took a beating. However after four years of pretty heavy use it has seen better days. I was looking for something for my second son who just turned 2 but something with a higher weight limit for my now DS6 to hop in at the end of the day. I was going to try something different.

I have it narrowed down to - (1) Uppa Baby G-Lite, (2)Joovy Groove, and (3) Summer Infant 3D strollers. All seem to have good shades and baskets.

  1. Very lightweight but doesn’t recline - kinda pricey
  2. Does recline but not as light - also kinda pricey
  3. Does recline, does seem light, but the sun shade isn’t as big. However, it is more reasonable at about $80.

I am not sure how old a child you are looking for - younger babies you might want it to recline more. This is just my research I haven’t tried any out yet.

Okay, I’m a big stroller nerd. My thoughts: you can usually get Maclaren strollers on ebay and on Craigs list decently cheap (even unused strollers on ebay). Maclaren is fantastic, IMO - high weight limits, fantastic compact umbrella fold, just well-engineered. We have used a Maclaren Volo at WDW, it’s just enough. We add one of these expandable cargo bags, can stuff a ton in it:

Oh, we also add a Summer Infant Ray Shade thing to extend the canopy on a stroller if you have a very little one, they’re $10-17.

I’d get anything Maclaren, but Volo is our “cheapie” travel stroller.

Similar to Maclaren are Mamas & Papas and Cybex, which you can get at Babies R Us. You rarely find these on ebay or Craigslist, though, and I would not necessarily spend this kind of money to get them new unless you really needed a stroller for home use. I also have a Cybex Onyx, like it, but prefer Mac Volo when I need lightweight and BJ City Elite when I’m at home and looking for all-terrain.

The Baby Jogger strollers are nice (I have a City Elite that still fits DS 5 1/2), but the fold is not compact and is annoying on public transport (if you’ll be taking Disney buses).

I am too annoyed by the low quality of a basic umbrella stroller, and most of the “imitation” strollers. For the price, you might as well get a gently-used Maclaren, IMO, or the Volo.

I got a new Mac Volo on ebay for $75, but for what it’s worth, has Volos new for $150, a blue Triumph for $150, and Globetrotters for $180, all of which are lightweight and compact umbrella fold.

Also, has a forum where they track sales on baby gear and always have posts on stroller sales, if you’re looking to buy new.

I have a double umbrella maclaren and love it! The singles are just as good :slight_smile: