Stroller Parking

Planning 1st trip and trying to understand how stroller parking works in general at WDW.
In MK, is there one big stroller parking per "land" or are their multiple? Is there a map somewhere? For example is there only one spot/do you just park once at Fantasyland?

There are both types. Fantasyland has a big area by carousel we utilize in that area. Lots of signs and many attractions have this own. DD older now so we utilize bigger areas and go to several attractions before getting stroller to move on.

The moving and rearranging of strollers is an attraction in itself. Bizarre at times.

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You will find what works best for you... We have always found parking in one area and walking between rides works best for us... Then grabbing it when we move on to the next area. Make sure you put things (ribbons,tags, etc) on your stroller handles to help you find it in the masses!

In tomorrowland we like to park in the Stitches area. Covered and no one bothers it. Generally there is a stroller attendant close by.