Stroller height limit? Stroller parking map?

Thinking ahead is there anyplace to find a map with stroller parking areas marked? I feel like I’d like to park it at a central location do a few attractions to best use our time.

Also, I have a small Mickey flag that I wanted to attach to our stroller. Is there any restrictions as to how high a stroller can be? I was planning to attach the flag with zip ties straight up from the side of the handles like a balloon.

I’ve heard of people attaching balloons and stuff to theirs, so I think a flag would be fine.

I don’t know of a map that has it, but most of them are pretty obvious, if you have a question just ask a cast member at the FP line entrance.

The only caution i would give to a flag would be if you are using Disney buses, you would have to take it off before getting on the buss each time.

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We are only taking the bus one day to HS. Staying at CR so we can monorail or walk most days.