Stroller Checks

We are a family that has 3 young children and need to bring a stroller with us. Ideally, we want to bring our double stroller since our younger 2 will not last walking all day. The downside is that the new restrictions require strollers to be no longer than 31 inches wide, ours is 31.5 inches. Has anyone been there since the new policy has taken affect that can help us decide which to bring? Should we bring the double and risk Disney noticing the extra half inch, or just bring a single stroller? The option to bring both will be far too challenging in the airport. Thank you in advance!

I wouldn’t risk it. You will waste a ton of time if they don’t let you in. You can rent a stroller. We had the GT Citi mini from Kingdom strollers and loved it. Kids napped great in it. They now hate our stroller at home!

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I haven’t been since the new restrictions were put in place so I can’t speak to your likelihood of getting it in or even how they are checking, but I will second the double Citi mini from Kingdom. Renting could not be easier, our kids loved it, and it was a breeze to push and maneuver. I found the rental prices quite reasonable for a week and it came with rain cover, etc. We will be stroller-less for the first time this year and all of us are dreading that change.


I was there in early May. I didn’t notice anyone measuring strollers or anything. I think that the risk of someone noticing that 0.5" is small, if things continue the way they were when I went.

That being said, there is always a risk when you don’t follow the letter of the stated policies. If you get there and they won’t let the stroller in, what would your backup plan be? How would it affect your day? Things worth considering before making a decision.

If you’re comfortable with some level of risk (and I think it’s fairly small, though I have no expertise to be sure!), that’s fine. If you’re risk averse like me, you may want to just rent a double. (I rented the GT from Kingdom as well and it was good overall, considering it is a side by side and I prefer tandem.)

No one measured when I was there but I wonder if they know the measurements of the most common brands. So they see a city GT and know it’s ok. Something less common they might measure. Just guessing but not worth the risk IMO.

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