Stroller at Rope Drop

We plan on being at RD for each morning of our mid January vacation. Fortunately we shouldn’t have to worry about hustling to a ride in Animal Kingdom (RDing Navi with FPP for FOP and KS). Same goes for 2 days at MK (with appropriate FPP - 7DMTx2, PP, Space M, BTMR).
My question then is really for HS x2 (RD RotR) and Epcot (RD Soarin’), though feel free to chime in for the other parks to help someone else. Is there a spot to park your stroller between the turnstiles and the rope? This way, we get right to the prime attraction without losing time. I’m not opposed to coming back at some point and getting it later. Our daughter is 5 and we’re only bringing it (driving own car) to ensure her (our) survival at the day’s long end.


No answer about stroller but if it can’t be left we rope dropped SDD yesterday. CL1 and arrived early. Having the stroller slightly slowed me down, but it wasn’t bad at all. It FELT bad as i was walking but in the end it was fine.

If you’re driving, could you leave it in the car until later in the day? You could then send one person bag less to retrieve it when you need it.

That could work. How far away do they make you park?

I’ve never had a car there, so not sure, but it would be safe, and you could RD without it.

For HS, if you arrive early and are in the lots closer to the park, it would be about 300-400 meters from the gates. At Epcot, about 200-300.

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I don’t have experience at SWGE RD but we have RD Soarin’ with 2 double strollers before and the CMs were there offering to take them from us and parked them for us. I think this is fairly common practice at RD.

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Honestly for RD especially at HS everything moves crazy and fast and your 5 yo is probably better off in the stroller rather than trying to keep up with you on foot at go time. Plus it gives them somewhere to sit while you are waiting.


If you are a serious RD you can be first row!

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I was going to say the same! The few seconds it will take you to park a stroller will be made up by moving through the crowds faster with your 5yo in stroller.

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We RD all 4 parks with a double stroller. We definitely were able to move more quickly with the stroller. When we got close to an attraction, we all headed to the line while one person parked the stroller and caught up.


Exactly what you said Illini- we rope dropped with a double stroller with no troubles. And note- we drove to HS and AK for rope drop and both times they made us park the car pretty far away.

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I agree with the others that the stroller shouldn’t slow you down much and that person can catch back up with your party. And your 5 year old won’t need to be buckled in, so that wouldn’t slow you down either.

I think the most important thing is that you know where to stroller park - I didn’t and that’s what slowed us down? Do you need help with that?

@Flutegarden: Sure, do you have a strategy on where to park your stroller? Thanks.

I’m not the expert. I wish there was a map with the locations. I would post all of the rides you want to RD so everyone on here can weight in where best to park.

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For Soarin, you will park between Land and Seas Pavillion.

For SDD you go just to the left of the queue. They are standing and shouting and pointing it out.

Really only interested in stroller location info for RDing Soarin’ and RotR. Other RDs are for lesser things (Navi, BTMR, JC and AS2). For Soarin’, someone indicated it might be better to leave the stroller at Spaceship Earth rather than between Land and Sea. We’re coming back to SE to use up our first FPP (0905-1005) anyhow. Thoughts?

Soarin - to the right as you approach the Land. Stays outside.

Though not open ROTR has stroller parking set up across and to the right of the entrance at least for now.

Navi to the left of entrance.