Stroller advice?

My kids are 7 and the other almost 5- Ohh to bring my side by side/ rent from Kingdom Stroller and have the stress with plane and on/off buses or just rent Disney’s hard/dirty double stroller if my kids need it??? I feel my kids are too big for strollers (we don’t ever use one anymore) but then I can see them being tired of walking 10 miles a day! Any other advice on those with kids about the same age as mine?

We never use strollers at home, have a 4 1/2 and 6 1/2 year old, but when we went in September we definitely needed it. The heat was also a factor in them getting worn out. When we go in May I think I am going to bring our single again maybe with a ride board in the back :roll_eyes:

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Rent a stroller from Kingdom! At that age you shouldn’t need it at the airport but I think it’s a lot of waking in the parks so it’s better to have them.

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I have a 6 and 3 and am renting one from Kingdom. I think as our week goes on we will need it more. We never use one at home… but Disney is different.

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Our kids 8 and 5 definitely used theirs. At some point we had to move faster and they were tired so they were more than happy to relax in them. We are much more able to tackle a full day with a lot of walking with them.


with your kids did you get a double stroller or 2 singles?

Thanks for the advice- so do you guys think I should do Kingdom or just the ones at Disney?? I was thinking of not having to handle the stroller on/off the bus and stuff?? I’ve never rented one, I’ve always brought mine but this time we are traveling by plane and I don’t really want to risk that either!

The Disney ones are so uncomfortable. I would rent from elsewhere. It’s really not that bad folding it up.

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We brought one for our 5 and rented a double in park for our 7 and 10 yr olds to use as necessary for 4 of our 5 days in the park. We were staying off site and using rideshares so didn’t want something else to lug around. It definitely saw some use, and the double can handle the weight of our older kids.

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Going through the same dilemma myself. Kids are 7 and 5. We haven’t used a stroller at home in over 2 years, but I’m concerned about the amount of walking at Disney.

I’m sure people are already aware, but just in case not - Disney had changed the stroller policy for rentals a couple months ago. Previously we had used kingdom and magic strollers and picked up from bell services with no problems. Now there is only one company allowed to drop off at Disney property bell services, which we used last time and had an awful experience. This past trip we used the Orlando stroller rental with the pick up desk at the airport which was also very easy.

If you gave the time to arrange a drop off and pick up with one of the other companies that would be my choice, but we usually head right to the park so the airport option seemed to work better for us this time around.

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I used a stroller for my kids that age.

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I hate having to put them into those, and I also know it’s not bad to fold them but I really don’t want to wag it around! My hubs isn’t going this year so it’s all me… I’m lazy haha

Yeah I totally get you!! I can totally see them being so tired and not wanting to walk

Two singles, since a double would be tough to push around with bigger kids. Even the single is heavy-ish with a 8yo but it was worth it :grin:

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Do you know which company Disney works with now??

Do you think (with a 7and 5 year old) I could make a single work? Just have them switch on and off as needed? The thought of pushing around a double, or even 2 singles, at this point feels… daunting. :laughing:

Kingdom Strollers worked very very well for us DD/DSIL and Grandkids in December.

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Yep I’m wondering the same thing!! I think I may just rent a double cause my 2 fight constantly and I can only imagine the fights over the stroller, as much I hate the thought of lugging around a double!!! :woman_shrugging:t3:

Yeah that’s so true!!!