Stroller advice please

Our baby will be 7 months old when we travel to Disney. What stroller should we bring?
We have an UppaBaby Vista stroller (2013) that is bright orange, weighs about 25 lbs, and its Open Dimensions (in): 25W x 39L x 40H and Folded (with seat): 25W x 15L x 32H. It has a large under basket, which will be good for putting other stuff in. It has a foot brake only. It also allows the baby seat to face us or face out, which is nice.
Biggest worries: it is bigger.

We also have a a City Mini GT (2016 maybe? Both of these were hand-me-downs), it is all black, weighs about 23 lbs., dimensions: 46.8 x 43.5 x 24.21 in. The under basket is medium sized. It only faces out. It has a hand brake only. We do have attachments for our car seat with it as well, which would be convenient in the airport.
Biggest worries: the lack of storage on the bottom and it will look like every other stroller and be harder to find in a crowd.
Both are fine to push, although we’ve never pushed either all day.

Well, I have done two different trips with each of those strollers. First one with DS11mo and our 2011 Vista and the this past year with DS4 and DS13mo with our CMGT and Maclaren. DS13mo usually was in the Maclaren because my older son was begging for the GT ironically. Also, we fly and always rent a car.

I would bring the Vista if you will have a car and the CMGT if you won’t. I LOVE the Vista storage at Disney and the front facing seat for a younger baby, but I wouldn’t want to transport it on buses. The CMGT pushes so well and does have the full recline even if you can’t raise the footrest. We got two saddle bags for added storage. Now ours is red so it was easy to spot but I would definitely get a balloon or ribbons or something for a black one!

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I bought a strip of bright disney themed fabric from our fabric store and cut it to the right size before we left, tied it around the handle, and the stroller was much easier to find with the homemade “flag” on it. I do the same thing for luggage at the airport. I plan on doing the same for our upcoming trip.

To make a decision, I would also consider:
-Can it recline comfortably for naps?
-Does it have drink holders/storage around the push bar?
-Which is easiest to open/close, and how quickly can it be done?
-If the stroller gets completely banged up, are you okay with not being able to use it back at home? (Disney is hard on wheels and the opening mechanism, not to mention dirt and spilled snacks/drinks!)

If the under storage is too small, you can always get a handle accessory bag/drink holder, which could help alleviate that concern. And I also highly recommend the ribbon trick mentioned above - made finding the stroller way easier!

Just got back from Disney and we left our Vista at home and used two G-Luxe umbrella strollers for our girls. Much easier to travel and we could split up easier as well. One with each girl if needed. Vista is too unworldly and would be tough. We used Minnie Vans and the two umbrellas were easy to manage.