Strategy. Two Parks. One day. 6 Hours

Hey Liners. Please help me think through strategy. I only have about 8 hours for touring one day next week and want to hit the MK and EP. Thinking I’ll park at the TTA, rope drop the MK and tour for just a few hours, then allow 1hr monorail to EP, and hit EP for another few hours with FPP’s, back to the TTA via the monorail, and drive to Winter Park before the 4pm rush hour. Solid plan?

Should be fine, depending on crowd levels and whether or not either park has EMH. It’s still summer, so things will get crowded, but rope drop at MK should still allow you to get a lot done early (if it’s not an EMH morning).

Trickiest bit will be FP+ - if you haven’t booked yet, some of the prime choices are gone, and you also need to decide whether to use them in MK to make the morning go quicker or at Epcot to ensure you’ll be able to do at least some things there despite crowds.

I’d strongly suggest running some ideas through personalized touring plans, starting without assigning any FP+ and see what adding in the suggested ones will do for you. The TPs will also give you a reasonable idea of how much you can get done in the limited time.

Thank you! I already have the key FPP at Epcot (Soarin) plus a couple more that the TP doesn’t reject and will single ride TT. And, the MK opens without EMH at 8am which gives me an extra hour plus hopefully an extra jump on non-rope droppers. Hipefully I’m good to go.


Sounds very reasonable; it’s exactly what I would do in the same circumstances.

Awesome. What might be your Epcot lunch? I was thinking about trying Taste Track. Or…maybe the usual nachos with Mariache Conre.

Oh, will you have a dessert at Sunshine Seasons? I want a dessert from Sunshine Seasons. :cry: Maybe in 2017.