Strategy: RSR, Early Entry, Fast Pass

Confused. If I want a FP for RSR after riding it during Early Entry, am I able to line up ahead of those without Early Entry? Aren’t those folk let in the line 30min before opening? Please help. Thinking through my strategy.

For Rock N Roller Coaster, yes it’s open during early EMH, and you’ll be let in before the non EMH -ers.

Thanks but I was thinking about Radiator Springs Racers in DCA. I wish DCA had Rockin Roller Coaster! Best coaster in WDW in my opinion.

You think RnR is better than California Screamin?

No question. Nothing like the adrenaline rush I get at Rockin.

Interesting. I love RnR. Maybe it was because I rode California Screamin at night in the rain- but I think it may be the most intense coaster at Disney.

Hoping it’s not too late to answer… I have heard that those eligible for Early Entry do get access to FP machines a little ahead of regular opening but I belive it’s not guaranteed. That being said, those who have to wait until park opening are not let in early and are held at the rope with those wanting FPs typically lined up to the left along closer to Carthay Circle Theater. I would show up to the FP machines 10 or 15 minutes before opening and follow directions by the Cast Members there for where to line up for an Early Entrant.

I have a very similar question to the original poster.

We are staying at the hotel and crowd calendar currently shows 3 out of 10 for that day (4/18). I figured get there 20-30 before early morning starts and then head straight for the ride-- is that not a good idea? If it isn’t does anyone know specifically where this private queue is?

In poking around the TP website, I found this “Hotel guests using Early Entry privileges should look for a private FASTPASS queue outside the kiosk corral, and step into shortly before regular park hours start.”

I returned from DLR a couple months ago and can answer w/ recent experience. We were maybe 30-40 people back from the front when we arrived 30 min early. So, earlier may be better if you want to be in the front. They let many of us though the metal detectors maybe 15 min before opening and we waited for the CM’s to let us into the park. Then, yes, head strait to RSR using the back entrance: if you move you can get in front of the people coming from the main entrance. After you ride RSR, you could hit it again w little to no wait and still get your FP in time.

Edit: I meant that we arrive to the park entrance 30-45 min before early opening. 5-10 min prior to regular opening worked for us on the RSR FP line. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

We like to always always always hit TSMM first because it has no FP and lines build quickly. Since my post above in Dec we have done one onsite stay where both days were EE to DCA. Both days they did have a queue for RSR FPs that was queued up outside of the kiosk area. After seeing it, I wouldn’t go any early than 10 min early because the advantage will only be a couple of other EE folks and you’ll want to make the most of your 50 min. enjoying attractions. I would use EE to take advantage of Luigi’s too as it’s new and cute and fun so the line has been crazy for it. Note though it will not run if there is any moisture on the ground so if it’s wet skip it.

We’re going next month and staying at DLR and plan on taking advantage of EE at DCA two of our three days we’re in park.
So your suggestion is to arrive at the park for EE only about 10 min prior? Do you know, is there a different entrance for EE other than the main entrance?
And once we’re in, you would suggest hitting up TSMM first, followed by getting in line for the RSR FP? I’d heard that the FP kiosk doesn’t officially “open” until the park does. Would it really be advisable to wait in that FP line during the majority of our EE hour?
Sorry about all the questions! Like OP, we’re trying to strategize and make the most of our extra time :slight_smile: We don’t have little kids in tow so we do have the advantage of being able to navigate crowds sans stroller :slight_smile:

30 minutes prior in our experience.


No! Don’t waste your EE in line. Ride TSMM once or twice, then Screaming a few times if you like. Get in line for RSR FP 10 minutes before the end of EE to beat the non-EE crowd.
Hope this helps!


Yowza, thank you SO much for the help! It’s greatly (!!) appreciated! One as inexperienced as I would’ve thought to go immediately to ride RSR (especially since we’ve never been on it) and then everything else would fall into place after.
But I will leave the strategery :slight_smile: to the experts like yourself. Thanks for helping out!

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Sorry for the confusion!! 10 min early was for the RSR FPs which only start distributing at park open an hour after EE. Do exactly what @Wahoohokie clarified and you will be golden!!!

If you want multiple rides of RSR and can utilize single rider line after you use your FP. With single rider, your party will get split up so everyone has to be at least 7 to be able to ride alone and if your kids are just barely 7 I would also make sure you feel comfortable that they can load & unload themselves with just the CM directions. If single rider isn’t an option for your group, immediately after your FP window for RSR expires pull another RSR FP for a later ride. Since you’ll hopefully be pulling an early return time for your first FP this should work out unless the crowds are a crazy 10 where everyone is going for an RSR FP first thing.


You are welcome. @lolabear_la and I have both been quite a few times, well her quite a few more than me! She has the small kids and I have the tween/teens covered, so between the 2 of us we have all the answers, right Loraine? :wink:


We have all the answers (for Disneyland) because we rock Karen! You have been going way more consistently than I have over the years. We’re taking advantage of this time before the tween/teen time takes away their availability to go! I’m dreading the day, but I do have to admit it will be nice not to have to pack a husband and two toddlers for a road trip every 20-something days :laughing: (Ok, that’s what I’m telling myself to make the pain easier once that day comes).


Thank you so, so much for this advice. Mine are under 10, so we will have a stroller. I will go back in and adjust our touring plan based on this advice.