Strategy for trip in two weeks! Mar 28, 29, 30 DL, DCA

Hey folks!

Long time WDW vet, I have been to Disneyland a handful of times. Due to spring break, bringing my
family down there at probably the busiest time. We always travel to WDW in off-peak times, this
time will be different.

Strategy is to see World of Color twice–Saturday and Monday night.

First–how insane will it really be? I have heard that busy at DL is not as busy as, busy at MK.

Second–touring plans won’t let me put both parks into a plan. I was thinking about starting at MK early,
then running over to DCA to get FP’s for RCR and WOC, doing a bunch of MK stuff, then coming back
over. Am I hopelessly overcomplicating things? I looked at all three days as being park-hopping days, maybe
I’m thinking about it wrong.

I guess that if y’all here think I can cover the two parks well in three days when the crowds are predicted
to be 9’s and 10’s, then I can calm down a bit. :smile:

Very excited to go, no matter what happens . . .

Welcome!!! Out west here we say DL not MK lol sound like u have it planned out already!! I would hop two says a so one full in DL , just me though :wink: A must c for me each trip and I have a AP is Aladdin in CA great show!
As far as the TP try to figure out what time u will be in what park and plot them that way ie
DL open to 1pm CA 1:15-6 pm DL 6:15 to close, enjoy have fun!! Make sure u do rope drop :wink: