Strategy for same day FoP drop

I have FP for AK (EE at 5, KS at 6 and FoP at 7). We have added an extra person to our traveling group but FoP is not available now for him. I got him a Na’vi at 7 and added him to our EE and KS. If I try to modify the Na’vi to FoP at the 5:01 drop, will available times show up if they conflict with the KS FPP time of 6-7? I’d prefer not to cancel out his KS FPP before I search, but I guess I would if I have to. Maybe I could pick the KS FPP back up after I’ve searched for the FoP at 5:01.

I don’t understand. Why would a 6pm - 7pm FFP conflit with a 7pm - 8pm FPP? They only conflict if they overlap.

Sorry it’s complicated. I would be trying to modify the existing Na’vi to FoP at the 5:01 drop, so I would anticipate times of 6-7 showing up for FoP if it’s available. Everyone else already has FoP for 7, so there’s nothing wrong with those.

Ok… I get it now. MDE should show you all times available, even if they conflict. You’ll click “Modify” then look for times for FoP. Since you replacing / modifying a 7pm FPP with another 7pm FPP you’ll be fine.

May I ask why are you waiting for the 5:01pm drop? Why not 11:01am / 1:01pm / 3:01pm? Seems like you are waiting until your last chance.

We will not be able to get to AK until late afternoon. Plus, I want the extra person to be able to ride with all of us who already have FoP at 7, and I don’t want to have to try to change everyone else’s FoP to earlier. If we don’t get the extra FoP at 5:01, I will probably sacrifice and let him use my magicband for FoP since I have ridden several times in the past and he hasn’t.

Any drop during the day could give you FoP at the right time. You don’t need to be at the park to use a drop time.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much…it’s pretty easy to get FoP for one person, even without using the drop times.

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I don’t know if you want to risk this with a FoP FP, but had I FP’s booked for 6 people and had to add a 7th after the fact. For 13/18 I was able to use Add Person. For 6, the hard to book, I was not able to. By chance, I figured out that if I cancelled the FP for all 6 people, I was able to immediately rebook it for 7 people. I don’t have FoP, but I did this with Navi. (which I’m hoping to change to FoP same day)