Strategy for one-day touring, DHS

Relatively new here and sorry if this has been discussed in other threads … but what is the best (probably only) strategy for experiencing the rides in SWGE and experiencing the other top attractions in DHS? Assume it’s get to the park maybe two hours before opening and proceed immediately to SWGE. Would it be wise to book FP for other rides starting at about noon? Would that time be sufficient to get through SWGE attractions?
We plan on touring DHS on Thanksgiving. Thanks much in advance for the advice, tips, etc.

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Not that the wait times are predictable yet but I plan on hitting ToT and RRC first then going to SWGE. TP has the wait about the same as RDing. We’ll have to see in a couple weeks though.

There will only be one ride in SWGE open at that point. I’d say set up a personalized touring plan with the hours you plan to go and see what it suggests…make sure you include all the rides you want to do (and if you plan to build a droid or lightsaber…build that in as a break). Then it’ll give you a general idea of what it recommends setting your fastpasses for and when.
This is subject to change as they get more data on SWGE now that it’s open…but it is a solid starting point.


Thank you!

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Many thanks … invaluable to know that there is only one ride.