Strategy for MVMCP - Tues Dec 2

The more I read about the party I am feeling convinced that the parade is my very top priority. I have 3 young kids, so getting curbside (front row, belly up, etc.) is crucial. From posts I have seen, it seems like people start camping out at 5pm for a spot for the 8:15pm parde… yikes! No way my kids will be THAT patient. Any suggestions on parade viewing strategies with young ones without spending the whole party squatting a spot?

Are your kids able to stay up for the late parade? It will be much less crowded.

Good point… I guess we can make a game time decision (we are treating the day as a sleep in and stay at resort in hopes that they have some stamina at night). I like the 2nd parade idea - thanks!

Do you know if they cut corners on the 2nd parade or is it identical to the 1st?

Nope… exactly the same. But neither one should require more than an hour to get a decent view.

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The second parade is definitely a good idea - it is the same as the first. Also, avoid Main Street and go for a viewing location in Frontierland - the planters outside Pecos Bill’s is a Liner favorite.

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Last year we sat to wait for first parade around 7:40 in frontierland with some yummy snacks and candy canes and glow sticks to share with those nearby.

The only difference I’ve noticed between the first and second parades is that last year at MNSSHP, the folks walking and dancing were noticeably more energetic the first time around, made me giggle. :slight_smile: but if you didn’t see both you wouldn’t notice the difference.

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